Computer Geeks

It’s missing Mr. Shiny… I’ll have to do another version. 😉

And here it is…

Click for full size. 


  1. I like how everyone is basically protecting me. It’s like I’m encapsulated and encrypted, then double-vlan tagged and sent TCP with extra QoS.

    Yeah, baby. That’s how I roll with my posse.

    1. Everyone else has some semblance of hair left to contribute to their silhouette. Me? I’m bald. So I get the Invisible Man treatment. 😉

      BTW, this graphic is freakin’ awesome, LeSombre.

      1. Thanks kapgar, I didn’t know exaclty how to express that. 😉 I’m actually working on a version 2.0 that would slightly change your look… 😉

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