I called dibs many years ago

Dear Canada,

Just a friendly reminder that in the “Beaver vs Polar Bear” debate, I called dibs on the Polar Bear years ago when I separated from Canada and formed my very own country called Canadia. Following an especially drunk-ish Halloween party, Miss Britt was appointed as our Queen and Sovereign (just on paper).

Like you I had my doubts in the past and almost got a new tagline for my blog. But after a lot of careful considerations, I stuck with the Canadia / Polar Bear thing.

The Canadia thing is right there in my header, see?

I admit that I really like the Beaver, I even have my very own Beaver Day. This is all official because a very famous New-Yorker said so. However, I started using the Polar Bear as far as Christmas 2008 (as stated in this Christmas 2009 post) and there are a few letters dating from November 2008 that can prove this.


The Polar bear emblem is right there in my sidebar.

Also, I started this “LOLPolarBearz” Internet Craze.

So fair warning to you Canada: The Polar Bear is a really cool emblem, and I don’t blame you for wanting it for your great nation, but it’s mine. All mine.

So back off.



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