It was about a month ago now that Stuntman Stu (@Stuntmanstu) tweeted this picture:

Stuntman Stu – #NoMoreBullies

I immediately thought that I had to something to support that campaign. Obviously writing #NoMoreBullies on my hand and posting a picture would be the easiest part. Liking the “No More Bullies” Facebook page would also be painless. What else could I do?

I decided to wait about a month before doing anything. For starters, it would give me time to reflect a little more on the whole thing and I thought that if the #NoMoreBullies movement was to slow down a little, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have people “jump in” a little later. Not that I think my meager contribution will make a big difference, but it can’t make things worst, right?

A blog post

Writing a post about bullying / stopping bullies would help spread the message. What tone to use? I try to be a funny guy, but bullying is no laughing matter. On the other hand, I gotta be me. I’m still debating this. We’ll see what will happen.

Buying some stuff

Another thing I’m good at is buying some stuff. I like t-shirts, I like mugs. Surely there must be some sort of item I can buy to support the #NoMoreBullies cause. A quick search on Zazzle tells me otherwise. No stuff with the #NoMoreBullies hashtag? That sounds like something I can definitely do.

#NoMoreBullies Stuff on Zazzle

So go ahead, and buy some #NoMoreBullies stuff, either a lovely mug or an awesome t-shirt or both if you want! I will donate all the profits I’ll make from the sale of these items to any charity StuntmanStu thinks will help the most.

I’m still thinking about that blog post. Stay tuned.



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