Protip: Use BCC when emailing 473 people

My son’s school decided to go green and stop sending us paper notifications through the kids’ backpacks.

That’s awesome, unless you put all 473 email adresses in the CC field. Sure, it’s not that bad when you read the email on GMail through a regular browser:

Notice how 469 of those email addresses are somewhat hidden from you? Meaning that with just one click, I could have access to 472 new friends. Friends that I can send funny LOLCATS or motivational 7Mb PowerPoint files. Worst, there’s now potentially 472 friends that can send me funny LOLCATS and motivational 7Mb PowerPoint files.

Luckily, I didn’t use my main GMail address. Unfortunately, I first opened this email on my iPhone. Can you guess what it looks like when you open an email addressed to 473 people? It looks like this:

Actual emails, blurred because I’m a nice man. 
Fun Facts: It took me 3 minutes to do the 49 screen captures needed, and about 25 minutes to Photoshop all the pictures in one giant 16397px long strip. Even at the lowest quality setting, this image still weighs 600K.

So to summarize:

  1. Avoid the CC Field when emailing to more than 10 people.
  2. Scrolling on an iPhone is a pain in the ass.
  3. The pain that I’ll go through to prove a point is just ridiculous.
  4. This is by far the longest post I’ve ever written, although this one came pretty close.
  5. This is not the dumbest post I’ve ever written. Not even close. 😉


  1. That’s what that little “Hide” link in iOS Mail is for….

    Oh, and it took me 17 mouse-wheel scrolls. I may have to re-read on my iMac to see how many two-finger flicks it takes, but it might be hard not to cheat by giving it a lot of initial momentum.

    As for the 25 minutes in Photoshop, I likely would have spent at least that long figuring out how to automate the image work with ImageMagick.

    1. I know the “hide” does that… But once I got started, I didn’t know how many emails I was going to see. In any event, this makes a better blog post (but not by much, I agree).


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