2011 Recap

Hi guys!

The year is rapidly ending. Whenever I reach a new milestone, I like to take a look back and see what I have been up to. Here’s a little recap of the stuff I did in 2011, according to me.

In January, I went through yet another identity crisis, and I thought about changing my tagline. Luckily, the wisdom of the Internet told me otherwise.

To compensate, I decided in February to be nice to 10 people a day for a week. It worked out well, and I wonder why I’m not doing this again (still?). Maybe I will start being nice again. 😉

In March, a tsunami pretty much destroyed Japan, I got an iPad2 and composed an ode to Becky’s Butt.

A couple of days late for April’s Fool’s day, I found my dad in a chatroulette video. ::shudders::

And then May arrived, and I finally went to Scotland! Of course, I before I left I debated bringing a tripod or not, and that produced a rather funny exchange at work…

In June, I recapped Scotland. To make sure I didn’t ride the Scotland high too long, my son got shot in the park on Father’s day.

Then July rolled around, and other than flipping about the price of gas, I didn’t do much.

August saw me do crazy things that didn’t work too well, and I discovered the “unfriend” button on Facebook, both for me and my Daughter’s account.

I only blogged four times in September. It was a pretty crazy month. I managed to produce five whole posts in October, but this one is probably my favo(u)rite post of the last year.

In November I acquired the items I needed to start my very own clone army, but got a surprise in the process. Also, I celebrated 20 years (16 married) with the same LovelyWife.

And that brings us to December, where I poked fun at some email issues I had and some funny stuff happened at work – Thanks to bossman.

And that’s all there is to it.

Goodbye 2011.



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