This one is kind of obscure… Well maybe not. 😉

 New building right beside my office.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a cowboy, an astronaut, a race car driver and then drive a plane on the weekends. You know, I was a normal kid.

The first time somebody asked me seriously what I wanted to be when I grew up, I answered that I wanted to be an architect. For some reason, that memory is still crystal clear even after not being an architect for the last 40 years. Funny how the brain works, right?

Of course, if you know me or if you read the previous sentence and you don’t have ADD, you know that I’m not an architect. Odds are that at my age I can say that I’ll never be an architect.

I did however design a lot of buildings when I was a kid. First in high school for arts projects, then when I started playing role-playing games I would always draw maps, and then I started running games and I designed whole towns from scratch. Later on, computers came along and I started to play with CAD programs, and I even modeled a complete 3D house for one of our RPG games.

These days when I get bored I fire up Google SketchUp and draw a house or two.

Also, if you have OCD you noticed that it was not the previous sentence but the one before that and it’s been bugging you for 2 minutes.

Photo a day challenge – January 2012

  1. You
  2. Breakfast
  3. Something you adore
  4. Letterbox
  5. Something you wore
  6. Makes you smile
  7. Favourite
  8. Your sky
  9. Daily routine
  10. Childhood
  11. Where you sleep
  12. Close-up
  13. In your bag
  14. Something you’re reading
  15. Happiness
  16. Morning
  17. Water
  18. Something you bought
  19. Sweet
  20. Someone you love
  21. Reflection
  22. Your shoes
  23. Something old
  24. Guilty pleasure
  25. Something you made
  26. Colour
  27. Lunch
  28. Light
  29. Inside your fridge
  30. Nature
  31. You, again


  1. Count yourself lucky you didn’t become an architect. A study that was released on Monday said Arch. students have the worst job outlook of all majors graduating right now. Seems that because of the housing bust, none of them can find a job building anything besides a hamburger.

    1. Yes, but you forget that I’m old – I could have completed a Masters in architecture 16 years ago. Also, I live in Canada where the housing bust didn’t really happen. 😉

      I’m already a Master at building (and tearing down) burgers. 🙂

  2. That’s what I wish I’d gone to school for, too – architecture. It took me forever to realize it, though, which is weird, since I’ve always been obsessed with houses and how they’re set up…

  3. It’s okay that you didn’t become an architect and instead used that interest and talent to play Dungeons and Dragons instead.

    The fact that you actually moved out of your parents basement, got married, had kids and got a real job is the important thing here.

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