New Month, new stuff

Well hello there!

Last month I did the photo-a-day thing to get me back in the swing of blogging. I figured that was better than a long rambling post about why I’m (again) not blogging. We all hate those posts, right?

So I think I’m back. I have a lot of ideas about stuff I want to write about. Wait, does that sentence even make sense? Anyways.

When I looked at the photo-a-day challenge, my first idea was to come up with a significant story about each of the pictures, just like I did for the something you adore entry (Yes, I wrote that entry first). Of course, life and other stuff got in the way, and soon enough I was just posting pictures with a three-word caption, and sometimes without a caption. I even reused a picture twice during the month.

Good intentions and all that jazz, you know.

So we’ll see how this goes.

Happy February everyone!




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