My son is Awesomely Weird

January 2nd: Breakfast

On January 2nd I posted this picture and said that I thought my son might be the next Hugh Hefner. My son is awesomely weird, and he never ceases to to amaze me.

My son is the kind of kid that excels at academics, sports and arts. He’s the weird kid that would normally get  beaten up in the school yard because he wears a shirt and tie to go to school (he doesn’t have to), but because he was in 3rd grade and better at soccer then the 6th grade kids all the jocks like him so nobody beat him up.

Or you know, the day he told me he’d like to play the harp because it looks cool. I managed to negotiate with him and he agreed to choose a more portable (and less expensive) instrument, so he decided he wanted an ocarina instead. So now he  plays all the Zelda songs on his ocarina.

He paints. He’s great with Devil sticks and a Diabolo. He plays guitar. He’s great at video games. He loves reading. He’s sensitive. He runs really fast. He skates. He’s computer-literate. He plays Kinball.

He’s also his own man, and his not influenced by what his friends do. When he told us he wanted to be part of the snowboarding after school activity, we asked him if his friends were also going and he said he didn’t know, but he wanted to go.

He’s truly a Renaissance Kid, and I can’t wait to see what he will come up with next.



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