I am a Rebel

A Rebel EOS XSi.

If you follow me on the Twitter and/or on the Facebook, you already know that CutieDaughter won first place in her cheer leading competition on Saturday.

Like the good dad that I am, I spent 3 hours sitting in bleachers, and I took 285 pictures. I did manage to add a few pictures to my “Can’t park” collection…

Exhibit 20120211-A : Ignoring the lines for no apparent reason.

Exhibit 20120211-B: Parking on the sidewalk because it looked like a space.

Of course, all the competition pictures are colored blurry lines – it’s quite a challenge to take decent pictures when at a great distance.

I did however manage so take at least a few decent shots at the end.

Gold baby, Gold! (Not real gold)

So everyone was happy and had a great time. Now to delete those 280 useless pics…




  1. I’ve mostly given up on taking stills at the cheerleading competitions in favor of video. I can get decent stills with my 40D at ISO 3200, but so few of them actually capture anything interesting, that the payoff is low. Video, on the other hand, seems to work out much better. The biggest downside is that I don’t watch my videos nearly as often as I see my stills. At work, my iPad sits in a dock playing a slideshow of my highlighted stills; no video.

      1. Mine doesn’t do video either; I have a separate video camera for that. I’m not sold on the SLR video idea, though I can certainly see the appeal for filmmakers.

      2. The video camera is pretty compact, so yes. If I bother with the SLR, that is. Sometimes I only bring my compact camera, which does stills and video. Or only the compact and the video cameras.

        It’s interesting (to me) that both do reasonable stills and video. There are technical and quality differences, but I think the biggest differences are ergonomics. The way I/we take stills versus video are different enough to justify the different camera types.

  2. Aww – cutie daughter is beautiful! Congrats to her!
    Love your “Can’t Park” idea. I could really add to your vast collection if I started taking pictures.

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