One bullet short of a full gun (34)

Lock and load…

  • Time. I can’t believe it’s been over 4,500 hours since my last bullet post – That’s over six months for those of you still using the Imperial system. Wait that doesn’t make sense, but it does offer me the perfect segue to show you this graphic I saw on line:

I did not make that graphic. Don’t be hatin’, Usians.
  • Freak. Someone called me a freak because when I plan a drive from my house to some place, my guesstimate allows for time to have to wait for some red lights, and the traffic expected at that specific time of day. I don’t go online to look at traffic patterns or calculate the exact amount of traffic lights on the planned route or anything like that, I just base my guesstimate on close locations I drove to in the past and stuff like that. I normally don’t have a problem being called a freak, but if the person calling me a freak guesstimates that he’ll hit all green lights and face no traffic at all, then I object. Seriously, who’s a freak now?

  • Deodorant. Call me a freak if you will, but I strongly believe in the use of deodorant. I also believe in the “don’t fix it if it’s not broken” saying, so when it comes to deodorant it means sticking with something that works. Ever so often, I break this rule and try some new stuff, in this case I was sucked into the whole Dove Men +Care line of products, like the above deodorant. This deodorant is great; it smells good and not too strong, it doesn’t irritate my armpits and offers a powerful protection – it says so on the label. However, it does destroy all my black t-shirts by making the underarms white and stiff, even after multiple washes. It looks like I’ll have to buy new t-shirts and revert to my previous deodorant of choice. UNLESS I CAN FIND SOME SORT OF MIRACLE PRODUCT TO CLEAN MY T-SHIRTS!!!!!

  • Valentine Day. Yesterday was Valentine Day. Did you do anything special? Like I don’t know, eat some delicious cupcakes?

  • Essence. As I’m contemplating getting a new car… Well that is not true. I am getting a new car. I’m contemplating getting a hybrid car or not. I did some complex calculations (Excel! W00t!!!), and it looks like I would save around 210$ a year on gas by getting a hybrid. Let’s assume I’ll keep the car for 7 years, this means savings of 1,470$. But a hybrid would cost me 4,650$ more (before taxes and all that jazz), so it looks like I’ll have to keep the hybrid for 22 years and 2 months just to break even… That puts me in the same car until one short month to my 63rd birthday, and I think we all know that this is not happening. On top of that, I didn’t factor the electricity cost. I did not factor that the hybrid is actually less car for more money (smaller tires, smaller brakes, fixed rear seats, etc.). I have a hard time going hybrid, even if part of me (and by part of me I mean LovelyWife) thinks it’s the “right” thing to do. Thoughts?

In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet for myself for when the madness finally comes.

Grrr-rrrrrr. Hullo.


  1. I made a cake for Valentine’s Day. It was delicious!
    Hybrid – hmmm. I love the idea behind one, but the savings doesn’t seem that great, so for now, I say, car. OR you could get a car and engineer it yourself to run on poo, or oil, or something. Sounds like you have a project coming up! 🙂

  2. I almost got a brand new hybrid myself 6 years ago, instead I ended up in a gently used Lexus for a couple thousand less. I could not be much more happy in my current car. When you really think about it, buying a used car is MUCH better for the environment because it is recycling. No NEW materials were used to create your used car, they were already spent. I am of the mindset you always buy used, and go for quality over trend. The difference in real gas mileage is not so far apart and as you pointed out, the time to make up that difference is not practical. May as well maximize your enjoyment and comfort as you go.

    1. Unfortunately, I have heard (and experienced – but not first hand) too many horror stories about “gently used” car, combined with my complete lack of interest to learn how to change my oil to get a used car.

      One of those stories ends with the car owner discovering that his car “in pristine condition only driven on Sundays by a priest when it didn’t rain or snow” was in fact the front of one car and the back of another.

      So this time, I’ll go for new quality, and keep the car more years. 😉

    1. Oh burned! Funny thing is that the car’s entertainment system is an MS product (UVO). I think it comes with a smart key with ctrl-alt-del buttons… 😉

      Yes, I did use MS Excel to do the spreadsheet. But honestly, I could’ve used a MAC piece of paper and a UNIX pen and came to the same results. I am curious to see your spreadsheet, would you share with me? Maybe I did overlook something or made a huge mistake.

      1. Shared. It may require some explanation, though, and it looks like the only non-hybrid that’s still represented is the Civic.

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