Goodbye number 8.

In many ways it’s hard to explain why I’m so sad at Gary Carter‘s passing. The guy played catcher for the Montreal Expos from 1974 to 1984, I was 13 when he left Montreal. That was 27 years ago. He did return for one season in Montreal in 1992. Gary Carter died yesterday from brain cancer, the same cancer that took Mado four short months ago. 

The Montreal Expos aka “Nos Z’Amours” were quite the phenomenon in Montreal. Hard to believe that at that point in time, Montreal was as much a baseball town as it claims to be a hockey town today. The Habs had Guy Lafleur, F1 had Gilles Villeneuve and the Expos had Gary Carter.

Riding around on our bicycles we all wanted to be Gilles Villeneuve. Playing hockey in the street we all wanted to be Guy Lafleur – or Maurice Richard if you were a little older. Playing baseball in the park we all wanted to play catcher and be Gary Carter.

I got to be Gary for a couple of seasons in little league.

Yes, that’s me.

So goodbye Gary. I had not seen you in over 20 years, but I’m sad. You were really one of the heroes of my childhood.



  1. I fee the same way for Gary Carter but for the team he went to play for when he left your Expos. He was my mother’s favorite player as a Met and I cannot say he wasn’t one of mine as well. I was 10 years old when #8 sparked my team to a world series win. I will never forget that moment. Gary was a class act on and off the field and baseball was a better game with him in it.

  2. Le Sombre… serious about baseball! How cute were you? I mean… not as adorable as I was back then, but still… pretty freakin’ adorable. You belonged in a Disney movie. A Disney movie where you foiled a bank robbery with baseball and a magic cat.

  3. Awww – look at cute little LeSombre!!
    I was going to suggest what Dave2 said, minus the magic cat and foiled bank robbery. I was thinking more along the lines of the Bad News Bears.

  4. Le Sombre,

    Like you I was a catcher way back when who emulated Gary Carter. From people I have talked to who have meet him and were friends with him, he was truly a great guy. He truly will be missed.

    A fellow Little League coach and I created a Gary Carter tribute video you may enjoy.

    James Rankine
    NDG Baseball

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