With all the respect in the World to Dave2.

Sometimes I regret that I’m a “daily blogger.”

The reason I write daily is because I know my blog would die a long, slow death if I started skipping days. First I’d skip once or twice a month… then skip once or twice a week… and then, before I even realize it, I’m struggling to write two entries a month. At which point Blogography is dead. I’ve seen it happen with other blogs many times before. And so I continue to post something every single day, even if I don’t have anything to write about or I’m going through something that can’t be blogged.

Like today.

I got nuthin’…

I read this entry from Dave2 a few days ago, and boy did it stir a lot of emotions in me.

I think i’ve known on some level that this blog was destined to die the slow painful death Dave2 mentions in his post (which is in itself brilliant since he posted about posting nothing).

I saw this commercial on tv where this grandma is bothering this young woman eating oatmeal at some fast food chain (I think it’s McDonald’s) and the twist of the commercial is that the grandma is a blogger and she exclaims: “I gotta Blog about that!”. I remember 5-6 years ago when I would say this – or any variation thereof – twenty times a day.

  • Videotron technician installs my new modem and leaves 150 yards of coax cable in a jumbled mess under my desk? I gotta Blog about that!
  • Someone in my family goes to the dentist? I gotta Blog about that!
  • There’s a piece of cheese in my glass of water? I gotta Blog about that!
  • I read a new book? I gotta Blog about that!
  • Saw a guy pick his nose on the bus? I gotta Blog about that!
  • Nothing special happened today? I gotta Blog about that!

Those were the days. Nowadays, I feel like I never have anything to Blog about. I’ll post pictures on Facebook, check-in on Foursquare and Tweet all day, but when it comes down to writing something on this blog… Nothing. I feel like I have become a grandma of the good old days of blogging.

At the same time, I feel like I’m just following the newer generations of on-line people: I just want everything right now without having to wait for anything.

What I loved about blogging has been overshadowed by the instant gratification I get from the newer ways to interact instantaneously with all of you. Gone are the days where thinking about a blog post all day, then writing it at night in front of the TV, setting it to post at midnight only to read comments the next day were part of the excitement of blogging. Now it’s make a quick reply on Twitter or post a few insane comments on Facebook between a few tasks at work, get a few laughs/replies and move on to the next task, until the next micro-break. Repeat ad nauseam.

Maybe I just need a break from all that instant gratification stuff and really rekindle my love for the written word, making a giant pied-de-nez to all those self-imposed rules about not blogging about this or that. Maybe I just need to give up and finally pull the plug on this blog – it’s been on life support for quite a while now.

Maybe I just need an actual vacation.





  1. Instant gratification…Depuis le début de ma vie, tu as été une source d’inspiration. Que tu blogues ou non, je vais t’aimer 🙂

  2. I know your pain. I used to write about anything and everything. And there was always some level of interaction with my readers no matter how mundane the topic. Now I blog and barely get any feedback. In fact, I probably get better feedback via cross posting it to Facebook or linking it to Twitter. But I don’t want to give up yet. I’ve got too much of me invested in my blog to stop.

  3. Go on vacation and then come back to this space and blog about it. LOL

    Dave2 is the one all of us “not daily” bloggers look up to in our failed efforts to blog daily. I might know this with one of my blog ventures I am working on, but for my Banal Leakage space, the best record I have is 11 days in a row.

    I never plan to stop, as I have no shortage of stuff to write about on a multiple times a a week basis.

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