Month: August 2012


If you’re my friend on Facebook – and if you’re not, what’s wrong with you? – you’re already aware that I posted this on Tuesday:

And it did. So today I present to you a selection of not necessarily the best ones I’ve used, but of the ones I can semi-safely publish here. 😉 Enjoy. I know I did.

Of course, this all started with the first strange email I got. It was an email that just said: “What?” I thought this was appropriate.

Classic Jules.

I was asked something along the lines of: “Are those people serious?”.

I thought this was an appropriate reply. 

This is in reply to one email I was not supposed to get but it somehow escaped my spam filter. The email started with “Let me have the pleasure to introduce you to our services”, so I replied with:  “Let me have the pleasure to introduce you to my spam folder” and included this:

The most interesting spam reply in the World.

The spammer was so impressed she replied withing seconds! Well that or this was the first reply to her spam email she ever got.

I love the Most Interesting Man in the World memes. Excellent choice.
I’ll have you removed for my list.

Of course I had to do this:

Surprisingly, it looks like it was that simple.

We then had a Professor forget to tell us the course section she was teaching for this semester. When asked which section she was teaching, she randomly chose one so this happened:

Listen to Boromir!

To be fair, the previous meme was not sent to the Professor, but it was sent to the person who relayed the information to me. I do have some sort of line that I won’t cross… often.

From that point forward, things started to go downhill get funnier as people started replying to me with memes of their own.

I complained to my boss that I had to work over lunch.

I added to the email: “Can I get an office at Lees?” A few seconds after, I got this:

So I replied:

My boss is pretty awesome. 

We’re in a transition period here between two systems, and we’re having a few last minute issues that are delaying the official launch of the new system. This didn’t prevent a colleague of mine to invite me for drinks on Friday night to celebrate the successful completion of the project.

That’s… awkward.

Of course, all good things must come to an end, so I leave you with this:

But when you do, it’s pretty awesome. 😉

You, what are some of the crazy things you do at work when the pressure is really high?


Illico* my ass

Tuesday evening I finally decided to bite the proverbial bullet and change some of my cable services.

You see, way back when my company first introduced their PVR, I was one of the first to jump on board. Living outside what they consider the center of the universe, getting a PVR meant I was finally getting the technology that Montreal got years ago.

Flash forward 12 years, and we’re Tuesday. My company now has their version 2.0 of the service I’m using, and I figured that it was time to get rid of my original standard definition PVR and replace it with the latest thing.

Armed with my latest bill and a clear plan of what I wanted to do, I show up to their point of service at 18h30, a full 90 minutes before they close. I wanted:

  • To deactivate my standard definition PVR.
  • To get a new leased HD-PVR 2.0, replacing the old PVR I bought 12 years ago.
  • Change my grandfathered cable package to a current package for 0.48$ more a month.
  • Upgrade my Internet speed to a higher package for 10$ more a month.
  • Add call display to my daughter’s mobile phone for 4$ more a month.
  • Optional: Add TMN and HBO for 16$ a month

Can you guess how long it took me to do all of these things? If you guessed that I left the point of service at 20h15, you would be half correct. That is the time I left, but I only left with the new purchased (not leased) PVR, the old PVR deactivated, cal ldisplay added to the mobile phone and nothing else done.

Until I got home where I discovered that the old PVR had not been deactivated, that the new one had not been activated and that the call display was also not activated.

Awesome customer service guys.

* Illico means “Pronto”

Weekend Recap

How did I spent my weekend, let me count the ways…

Most of my weekend was spent in front of a computer, working for the Man. The picture is blurry on purpose to protect some of the innocents. 😉

I made some homemade, stuffed crust pizza for CutieDaugther’s “official” birthday dinner – that means the birthday dinner when she gets to invite friends. She’s fourteen and has already mastered the art of getting multiple birthday events over the course of a week. Blood of my blood. 😉

Ever since the flat tire incident, I’ve been a little (ok a lot) anal-retentive about checking my tire pressure, especially for the front right tire who -to me – appears to always lose air. Up to now, that was really tough and inconvenient, because I lost my tire pressure gauge (I think I left in in the Rogue for my FFIL) and I was relying on the dumb method of looking, poking and kicking the tire. I braved the crowds at Canadian Tire and bought this awesome digital air compressor, along with a new gauge, and now I can quell my OCD and keep the pressure in all my tires exactly the same at all times. The things that keep me up at night I tell you.

The “justincase” pun is an added bonus.

This is what my LovelyWife looks like when she wants to ask me to drive her somewhere. Sitting on the stairs, intently studying the bus schedule. Now that’s subtle. I exacted my revenge by driving her to the passport picture place and making faces while her picture was taken. It took the guy four tries to get a usable picture. Take that!

It looks like my secret is out. I’ll be looking for a new facial hair style. Also a new hat.

You, what did you do this weekend?

Help Wanted

Yesterday I had to give a presentation on our services, and it basically went like this:

  • 2:00PM: Hi, here’s my card. Please don’t use my email to ask for technical help.
  • 2:05PM: Here’s our website and this is where you can ask for help.
  • 2:15PM: Here’s the web form that you have to complete to ask for help. The other option is this phone number.
  • 2:27PM: You input your credentials here. If you have an issue with your credentials, fill the web form or call the phone number I gave you.
  • 2:43PM: If at any point of this procedure you’re having trouble, ask for help through the web form or the phone number.
  • 2:50PM: Do you have any questions?
  • 2:50PM: Q: How do I get help from your service? A: Use the web form or this phone number to ask for help.
  • 2:57PM: Q: What if I don’t remember my credentials? A: Use the web form or this phone number to ask for help.
  • 3:22PM: Q: Is there an easier way to get help than filling out a form or calling a phone number? A: No.

Then this happened at 5:46PM. I get this email.

Hi I just met you this afternoon,
And this is crazy.
But I have a technical problem,
So help me maybe?

I’m paraphrasing of course.

I wish I could tell you that I’m making this up, but you know I’m not. I wish I could tell you that this is the shortest time ever between “Don’t use my email for technical help” and receiving an email asking for technical help, but you know it isn’t.