Here we go again (for the seventh time)

Hello good People of the Web.

Remember me? Long long time ago I used to blog about all kinds of stuff… I’m sure you missed me and your lives were miserable while I took an Internet break. Ha!

About six weeks ago, I took a five-week vacation from work and decided to minimize my online presence during that time. I wouldn’t say that I failed miserably, but I was very close. You probably saw me make dumb hit-and-run comments on Facebook and Twitter, and then disappear for a few hours/days, only to repeat the process.

Well, I’m back.


With September looming, I can safely say that I’ll probably go crazy soon, so who knows how long I’ll be here – physically and mentally?

So, what I’ve I done while I was away? I’ve done a lot of things:

  • Had my roof re-done.
  • Had 104 degrees fever for about a week and a half.
  • Ripped one of my calves (the left one).
  • Threw my back out.
    • While my chiropractor was on vacation
    • For two weeks
  • Visited the emergency “atlernative” chiropractor.
    • And I mean alternative it the weirdest possible way.
  • Took more pills in 3 weeks that I took in my entire life.
    • Tylenol migraine.
    • Tylenol Muscle Pain.
    • Tylenol Extra-Strength.
    • Robaxacet.
  • Because of all the pills, had a terrible (to me) reaction where I would sweat as soon as I went to bed until I’d wake up about an hour later in a deep pool of my own sweat.
    • And then spent the rest of the night wide-awake.
    • Or sleeping at a weird angle on the couch.
  • Didn’t play golf.
  • Fixed my bike tires.
    • But didn’t bike. At all.
  • Received 1,232 work emails, and replied semi-intelligent responses to 265 of them.
  • Went for beers.
  • Caught someone trying to steal my BBQ.
  • Went to see a few shows while under the influence of meds. Each time I thought I was going to die during the show.
    • Wicked at the NAC on July 16th.
    • Louis-José Houde on July 20th.
  • Saw a few movies.
    • Batman Rises.
    • Other movies not as good as Batman Rises.
  • Watched a lot of Olympic coverage.
  • Drove a Porsche.

I’m thinking I may regal you with tales of my time off for the next few weeks. After all, that won’t be worst than watching the Olympics on NBC, right?

See ya around.



    1. Well, that only happens when very specific conditions are met, and in theory my Boss could always limit my time off to two weeks in a row at a time. I still get to accumulate 21 days of time off a year, plus a few weeks of overtime.

  1. That’s a lot of falling apart for one vacation, hope your back let you manage to get some relaxation in…I’m fairly sure if I took 5 weeks off at this point I’d never go back. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing *g*

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