Help Wanted

Yesterday I had to give a presentation on our services, and it basically went like this:

  • 2:00PM: Hi, here’s my card. Please don’t use my email to ask for technical help.
  • 2:05PM: Here’s our website and this is where you can ask for help.
  • 2:15PM: Here’s the web form that you have to complete to ask for help. The other option is this phone number.
  • 2:27PM: You input your credentials here. If you have an issue with your credentials, fill the web form or call the phone number I gave you.
  • 2:43PM: If at any point of this procedure you’re having trouble, ask for help through the web form or the phone number.
  • 2:50PM: Do you have any questions?
  • 2:50PM: Q: How do I get help from your service? A: Use the web form or this phone number to ask for help.
  • 2:57PM: Q: What if I don’t remember my credentials? A: Use the web form or this phone number to ask for help.
  • 3:22PM: Q: Is there an easier way to get help than filling out a form or calling a phone number? A: No.

Then this happened at 5:46PM. I get this email.

Hi I just met you this afternoon,
And this is crazy.
But I have a technical problem,
So help me maybe?

I’m paraphrasing of course.

I wish I could tell you that I’m making this up, but you know I’m not. I wish I could tell you that this is the shortest time ever between “Don’t use my email for technical help” and receiving an email asking for technical help, but you know it isn’t.



  1. I have specifically told clients not to email or call me directly, and specifically told them that if they’re going to email me they should at least cc the helpdesk. Doesn’t work.

    It’s flattering that they think we’re so awesome.

    (Just keep telling yourself that.)

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