Weekend Recap

How did I spent my weekend, let me count the ways…

Most of my weekend was spent in front of a computer, working for the Man. The picture is blurry on purpose to protect some of the innocents. 😉

I made some homemade, stuffed crust pizza for CutieDaugther’s “official” birthday dinner – that means the birthday dinner when she gets to invite friends. She’s fourteen and has already mastered the art of getting multiple birthday events over the course of a week. Blood of my blood. 😉

Ever since the flat tire incident, I’ve been a little (ok a lot) anal-retentive about checking my tire pressure, especially for the front right tire who -to me – appears to always lose air. Up to now, that was really tough and inconvenient, because I lost my tire pressure gauge (I think I left in in the Rogue for my FFIL) and I was relying on the dumb method of looking, poking and kicking the tire. I braved the crowds at Canadian Tire and bought this awesome digital air compressor, along with a new gauge, and now I can quell my OCD and keep the pressure in all my tires exactly the same at all times. The things that keep me up at night I tell you.

The “justincase” pun is an added bonus.

This is what my LovelyWife looks like when she wants to ask me to drive her somewhere. Sitting on the stairs, intently studying the bus schedule. Now that’s subtle. I exacted my revenge by driving her to the passport picture place and making faces while her picture was taken. It took the guy four tries to get a usable picture. Take that!

It looks like my secret is out. I’ll be looking for a new facial hair style. Also a new hat.

You, what did you do this weekend?



  1. Dodged all the last minute shoppers trying to get hurricane supplies for Issac which never made landfall here. People are ‘supposed’ to get their supplies in order by June 1st, but from the looks of it yesterday, there were quite a few Tardy Martys looking to stock up! Sigh…

  2. i got to go see the live “how to train your dragon” show…for free! and i offered to babysit britt’s kids so she could have a date night, but really i wanted to borrow the kids so watching the smurfs movie in the park wouldn’t be awkward. also was blessed with great company and even better seats to watch the pirates win before the fireworks went off. got to sleep in on sunday and even though the duran duran concert was canceled, i used that time to again steal britt’s kids to wear my dog down so that he didn’t mind when i went on a hot date. all around terrific weekend!

  3. i need to ask…why did lovely wife need to look at a bus schedule to get you to drive her somewhere? i mean, why didn’t she just take the car if she didn’t want to do the bus?

    also need to ask about this stuffed crust pizza you made…was it difficult? will you post directions?

    1. LovelyWife hates driving, and she’s not really good at it. She also hates to ask for things, so she uses subtlety to get me to ask her f she wants me to drive her somewhere.

      Pizza is really easy to do! Stuffing the crust is also pretty simple: you just stretch the dough bigger than you need it and fold the edge over cheese. I used smoked Gouda this time and it was awesome.

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