If you’re my friend on Facebook – and if you’re not, what’s wrong with you? – you’re already aware that I posted this on Tuesday:

And it did. So today I present to you a selection of not necessarily the best ones I’ve used, but of the ones I can semi-safely publish here. 😉 Enjoy. I know I did.

Of course, this all started with the first strange email I got. It was an email that just said: “What?” I thought this was appropriate.

Classic Jules.

I was asked something along the lines of: “Are those people serious?”.

I thought this was an appropriate reply. 

This is in reply to one email I was not supposed to get but it somehow escaped my spam filter. The email started with “Let me have the pleasure to introduce you to our services”, so I replied with:  “Let me have the pleasure to introduce you to my spam folder” and included this:

The most interesting spam reply in the World.

The spammer was so impressed she replied withing seconds! Well that or this was the first reply to her spam email she ever got.

I love the Most Interesting Man in the World memes. Excellent choice.
I’ll have you removed for my list.

Of course I had to do this:

Surprisingly, it looks like it was that simple.

We then had a Professor forget to tell us the course section she was teaching for this semester. When asked which section she was teaching, she randomly chose one so this happened:

Listen to Boromir!

To be fair, the previous meme was not sent to the Professor, but it was sent to the person who relayed the information to me. I do have some sort of line that I won’t cross… often.

From that point forward, things started to go downhill get funnier as people started replying to me with memes of their own.

I complained to my boss that I had to work over lunch.

I added to the email: “Can I get an office at Lees?” A few seconds after, I got this:

So I replied:

My boss is pretty awesome. 

We’re in a transition period here between two systems, and we’re having a few last minute issues that are delaying the official launch of the new system. This didn’t prevent a colleague of mine to invite me for drinks on Friday night to celebrate the successful completion of the project.

That’s… awkward.

Of course, all good things must come to an end, so I leave you with this:

But when you do, it’s pretty awesome. 😉

You, what are some of the crazy things you do at work when the pressure is really high?



  1. I laughed the whole way through this. So, so funny.

    My coworkers and I just have these loooooong strings of reply all emails where we unleash our inner crazy. It’s fun. Sometimes we do it just for the hell of it.

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