One bullet short of a full gun (35)

Where the Hell does the time go? I spent most of the long week-end doing… everything and nothing. It seems that regardless of what I do (or don’t do) time just keeps going faster and faster. How can I make time slow down?

Regroup. After quite a first day of school for CutieDaughter, things are calming down and I’m regrouping from the crazy back to school drama.

Bicycle. This summer, I biked exactly 0 kilometers (that’s 0 miles for you my Imperial friends) despite having the best intentions in the world when the snow started to melt. I am so weak.

Fatality. I swear I was aiming for the friendship finishing move, but I somehow managed to execute a fatality. A Fail-tality? Sigh. Even when I win I lose.

W(h)ine. One takes care of the other. See you on the flip side.

In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet for myself for when the madness finally comes.

It’ll be all over in a minute.


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