Today is a very special day

Today is indeed a very special day.

Not because two years ago, the soap opera As the World Turns ends as its final episode is broadcast,  after a 54 year run.

No, it’s not because on this day in 1996 Vancouver actor Michael J. Fox debuts in situation comedy ‘Spin City’ on ABC-TV.

It’s not because in 1988 the Games of the 24th Olympiad began in Seoul, with the Canadian team joining 14,000 athletes from 160 countries. Not even close.

It’s certainly not because Montreal actor William Shatner starred in last episode of TV crime drama T.J. Hooker on CBS on this day in 1987.

With the current NHL lockout, you’d think today is significant since in 1971 Guy Lafleur played his first NHL game with the Canadiens. But that’s not the reason why today is so special.

September 17th marks the moment when the shopping days left until Christmas go below the 100 threshold. That’s right, there is now 99 days left until Christmas. Any way you want to cut it, that’s not a lot of days.

Also, it’s LovelyWife’s Birthday.



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