Well, it finally happened. After five years and over a thousand posts, somebody managed to hack my blog. Congrats!

Luckily, I have exported the contents of my blog and managed to import it – after a little bit of messing around, the XML file was 16Mb and I couldn’t upload anything bigger than 12Mb. All the posts are back online. I’ve lost my theme but that’s a minor annoyance, it’s somewhere on a backup drive I’m sure and I can always recreate it. However, I forgot that exporting content doesn’t reimport the images unless the original blog is still up when you do the import. Since the blog was gone, it means no media followed the import.

If anyone has any brilliant ideas on how to import 250Mb of images and link them to 1,005 posts, I’m all ears… I’ll tackle this after a little bit of sleep though.

Edit: Of course, I couldn’t really sleep while the pictures were not back on-line. Stupid brain. Now sleep.



    1. I must admit that it was a nice challenge to bring everything back like I did. Not that I wish this becomes a regular event, but it’s nice to get the old noggin’ going ever so often. 😉

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