Every year at the end of the summer, my kids get to spend a week at their grandma’s house.

During that week, we try to eat out every single night of the week to different restaurants. We didn’t get to go out every night this year, but we did manage to visit a lot of really nice places during the summer, even with the kids!

It’s never too early to start training little foodies…




Not to scale, mine is much bigger. 

A few days ago, I finally paid off my student loan.

What better way to celebrate than to go kill a few of those brain cells that are finally totally mine. 😉

In other words, beers.

The Loot

loot_allFrom left to right: Edradour matured in very old Tokaji cask, Ardbeg Fùis Ìle, Campbeltown Longrow and Caol Ila Moch. Click to embiggify

These are the bottles I brought back from Scotland. At first I thought I was going to bring back 12 bottles, but once I got there, I realized that the logistics of bringing back 12 bottles were slightly mind-boggling. Was I going to get an extra suitcase? That would mean a huge (ok not so huge) “2nd bag fee” on BMI and Air Canada. Then there was also the custom tax issue, expensive bottles mean expensive taxes. Add to the mix that I only wanted to bring bottles that I couldn’t find in Canada, and trying to determine the actual value of the bottle was going to be a pain in the butt…*

I managed to sidestep all those issues by not finding a whole lot of really cool and unique bottles I wanted to bring back. That may sound like a negative, but really it’s not. Let me explain. (more…)


If you follow me on the twitter, the facebook, the flickr and/or the foursquare, you already know that I spent the week end in Montreal.

The main purpose of this visit was to go eat at the famous Le Garde-Manger, Chuck Hughes restaurant.

The picture doesn’t do justice to the decor. The restaurant is small, with wood and brick walls. There is only one window table, and that’s where we were seated. The whole place feels very warm and cozy.

The food is awesome, but somewhat on the pricey side – total bill for four adults, including wine, taxes and gratuity came to 515.00$ – but we mainly went there for the experience of eating at this famous place.

Between the four of us, we tasted the lobster poutine, the bacon octopus and jerk crab for appetizers, and for the main we had the flank steak with fries, duck with foie gras, crusted bass with an awesome smoked tomato salad and the giant shrimp risotto. Dessert – yes, we had dessert – was the rocky road brownie, the fried mars bar and the caramelized banana. All very good.

We also had a few drinks, the drink of the day was something delicious made with vodka, Grand Marnier, Tequila (possibly something else too) and freshly squeezed orange juice You can almost see the drink in the right of the picture, or what’s left of it. 😉 The wine list is pretty good, and we had the Chianti pictured above.

All and all an awesome night.

Also, it was SUPERMOON that night, but that didn’t do anything special for us.


Cubans are awesome at playing darts

So the other day I was walking around on campus after two of my friends competed in a speed-walk race. It was pretty funny, because one of the guys was so confident – he is the school champion – but I managed to make him believe that our other friend had won, because I made him think the finish line was about 20 feet closer than it was, so he stopped speed-walking and my other friend just passed him at the end of the race.

It wasn’t true, the champion really had won, but with the help of the judge, I managed to make him believe he didn’t, so we had a lot of laughs when we told him what we had done after everyone changed and got ready to head out to a pub.


So walking on campus, we started discussing where we’d go for a beer. There was this first place where we used to go all the time, but since it had been recently bought by an older Greek couple, the beer was not as good as it used to. But the fries were much better. Our other option was the Cuban pub, but we were not in the mood to watch a whole bunch of Cubans be loud and play darts all night. Everybody knows that Cubans are awesome at playing darts, and how loud they can be when they get going.

And then I woke up.


Can anyone tell me how the hell did I dream about all of this, and where did I pick-up all that knowledge about Cubans and their ability to play darts?

Possibly related: I’m weird.


Every year it’s the same story.

Today is St-Patrick’s day. Today is also my mom’s Birthday. She turns one year older than last year. It’s always a struggle to post something either for my mom, or for my love of Guinness.

Happy Birthday Mom! XXXX

So just like last year, please wish her a happy birthday in the comments, tell her how awesome of a job she did raising the fine young man that my brother is (I also have an awesome sister but I can’t seem to find a way to insert her in a joke even two years later), send her virtual flowers, do a little dance.

Please refrain from “I’d hit that” kind of comments. Avitable’s already been there, done that. It’s really awkward for me to call him dad.

As for me, I’ll have half of the beers for my Mom, half because I’m Irish (only today).


When it comes to food, I’m pretty much a quality over quantity guy. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy large quantities of good quality food on occasion. But if given a choice between a five pound poutine from Smoke’s Poutinerie and a 12oz steak from DelMonico Steakhouse in Vegas, the steak will always win.

Unless it’s late and I’m fairly drunk. But I digress. This post is about meat.

I don’t eat McDonald’s. I last time I had some McDonald’s was on September 28 2004 – 6 years, 5 months, 8 days ago. It was all because of Morgan Spurlock and this:

Remember this? Well, it put me off fries for a while, and off McDonald’s for good.

I told you this post is about meat. A few weeks ago, a Facebook friend shared a link to this video:

It’s over ten minutes long, and it’s in French. But you have to see this. This guy will show you how to take old spoiled meat and repackage it as new meat. A practice – he says – that’s fairly common in various grocery stores. It’s disgusting.

Of course, it might be all false, might be the guy’s imagination. He might be a disgruntled employee trying to get back at the store who fired him.

But would you take that chance?

I now buy all my meat from an actual butcher – a place where the butcher cuts the meat right in front of me. Because the alternative would be to go off meat, and that’s just crazy.