Breakfast of Champions

It’s going to be a long day.

BTW, this totally counts as “blogging”.


The one that sends Child Services to my house*

So, it’s March break at The Abode.

That means I’m “babysitting” my kids and a friend’s kids today. w00t!

So here’s my plan:

Fill them up with espresso, and have them clean the whole house!

I’m taking back March Break bitches!

*Please don’t send Child Services to my house. The espresso pictures were staged – nobody touches my espresso! But they’ll still clean the house.

Even the Best Laid Plan…


Once the first (Espresso) shot is fired, the plan goes out the window.
Some guy from some movie (I’m pretty sure)

I was going for that:

Nice and semi-automatic

But ended up going with this instead:

Really nice and fully automatic

Why did I go for a machine that costs twice the one I wanted? LovelyWife called it a Valentine’s Day gift.

Crap. That’s now what my gift to her will look like. Even after I special-ordered it straight from Japan.