One bullet short of a full gun (36)

Welcome to the “Don’t know what you got (Till it’s gone)” edition of one bullet short of a full gun.

Hacked. I had not blogged in almost two months, but when I got hacked and the blog was gone for a few hours, I realized how I really miss this blog. Of course, rebuilding everything from scratch presents its own challenges. I’m trying to figure out how to have the new “Add Media” see the old images I uploaded in the previous version of the site… I guess this will keep me busy for a bit.

Family Day. Every family day it’s the same thing. My family either works or goes to school while I stay home. I wonder what I could do today since I’m all by myself…

Wii. A couple of months ago, I moved the Wii to the kids TV room. The kids love it, but now I’m out of a source of entertaintment in the living room… Maybe I’ll finally get that PS3 I’m always talking about. Hey, it’s not like there’s any other family member here to stop me! Any good games I should get?

1,000+. On the other hand, I haven’t read any of your blogs in a long while. I know this because my Google Reader is mocking me with its 1,000+ proudly displayed on top of the page… Maybe I’ll catch-up to what you’ve been doing in the past six months. Did I miss anything important?

Exception. Of course, there’s always an exception to every Cinderella power ballad rule: Sometimes you know exactly what you have, and you can’t wait until it’s gone. Counting the days…

In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet for myself for when the madness finally comes.




I don’t think I’m better than you.

And that’s what makes me better than you.

The person who inspired this post will most likely never see it, so don’t bother asking if this post is about you. This post is about the chain letters that I see making the rounds on Facebook and other social media (Gotta love Twitter for that, 140 characters is not a lot of characters to forward a chain letter), but mainly on Facebook.

This afternoon, I was catching up on some Facebook browsing, I love reading what you guys are doing. Scrolling backwards through my newsfeed, I noticed a post warning me about the “New Facebook Privacy Issues”, and asking me to un-check some option in my settings in order to prevent people from seeing what this other person was publishing on my timeline.

When I see a post like this, I always do the same thing: I reply to the post explaining that this is a hoax, and I add a link to hoaxbuster, snopes, or any other relevant website where more information can be obtained about the hoax in question. That’s it.

I don’t call you stupid.

I don’t make fun of you.

I don’t send you emails full of threats.

I just try to inform you, because I believe that knowledge is power, and I want you to have more power.

I admit that after a couple of those posts from you, or if you email me multiple times to tell me that you know that most chain letters are dumb but that you know for a fact that this one is not a hoax, and that you’d be so grateful if I would just follow the instructions and forward the message to all my contacts, I may lose my temper a little and write a very nasty post on my Facebook timeline along the lines of this one:

Seriously, just look at all that vitriol dripping from that post.

What you fail to understand is that even if this post seems to be about you, it really is about me.

About my strong desire to make people better, stronger, brighter, smarter, and how I seem to be failing miserably at doing this with you. This post is not saying: “You are inferior to me”, it’s saying: “I have a hard time understanding what I’m doing wrong, why am I not getting through to this person?” or more literally: “Why the fuck do I keep trying to do this?”

Normally I get a few funny comments from dear friends and I move on. Until next time.

But this time, you replied to my post:

I’m sorry, Superior being.


I try to help you and you think that I’m calling you inferior? I have a hard time understanding why you would think that way – if I’m about to stick a screwdriver in an electric outlet and someone tells me that it’s a bad idea, and sends me references to electricity and wiring a house, my first instinct is to thank that person, not get frustrated and call him names.

I’m smart enough to know that I don’t know everything (but I’m working on it) and I’m always grateful when someone takes the time to teach me something. Especially when it’s done gracefully.

Unless you think that all teachers are all secretly thinking that all their students are inferior.  Remind me what you do for a living again? Oh right. You teach math in a high school. I sure hope that when you grade exams lower than 100% the kids don’t think you’re calling them inferior, and that they didn’t nicknamed you “The Superior Being”. I’m sure that after having to explain twenty times the same thing to the same kid, you never got home, cracked a beer open and vented to your significant other.

Oops, my bad.

But here’s the good part. You know those privacy settings you wanted me to change so my friends wouldn’t see what you post? I did you one better. You never have to worry about my friends seeing what you post on Facebook. I won’t see what you post either. That’s what the unfriend button is for.

If you somehow manage to find this post, let me leave you with this one final information.

This is one of my favorite non-fiction book ever. I highly recommend it if you ever want to truly understand why we’re not Facebook friends anymore.

Spoiler Alert: It’s because you’re an asshole.

See? I’m really not better than you.


Today is a very special day

Today is indeed a very special day.

Not because two years ago, the soap opera As the World Turns ends as its final episode is broadcast,  after a 54 year run.

No, it’s not because on this day in 1996 Vancouver actor Michael J. Fox debuts in situation comedy ‘Spin City’ on ABC-TV.

It’s not because in 1988 the Games of the 24th Olympiad began in Seoul, with the Canadian team joining 14,000 athletes from 160 countries. Not even close.

It’s certainly not because Montreal actor William Shatner starred in last episode of TV crime drama T.J. Hooker on CBS on this day in 1987.

With the current NHL lockout, you’d think today is significant since in 1971 Guy Lafleur played his first NHL game with the Canadiens. But that’s not the reason why today is so special.

September 17th marks the moment when the shopping days left until Christmas go below the 100 threshold. That’s right, there is now 99 days left until Christmas. Any way you want to cut it, that’s not a lot of days.

Also, it’s LovelyWife’s Birthday.


Goodbye number 8.

In many ways it’s hard to explain why I’m so sad at Gary Carter‘s passing. The guy played catcher for the Montreal Expos from 1974 to 1984, I was 13 when he left Montreal. That was 27 years ago. He did return for one season in Montreal in 1992. Gary Carter died yesterday from brain cancer, the same cancer that took Mado four short months ago. 

The Montreal Expos aka “Nos Z’Amours” were quite the phenomenon in Montreal. Hard to believe that at that point in time, Montreal was as much a baseball town as it claims to be a hockey town today. The Habs had Guy Lafleur, F1 had Gilles Villeneuve and the Expos had Gary Carter.

Riding around on our bicycles we all wanted to be Gilles Villeneuve. Playing hockey in the street we all wanted to be Guy Lafleur – or Maurice Richard if you were a little older. Playing baseball in the park we all wanted to play catcher and be Gary Carter.

I got to be Gary for a couple of seasons in little league.

Yes, that’s me.

So goodbye Gary. I had not seen you in over 20 years, but I’m sad. You were really one of the heroes of my childhood.