Friday Random Stuff*

*And by stuff, I most likely mean crap.

I can spend the whole day playing with my balls.

I’m sorta in love with Bucky Balls. They are rightly described as “The Amazing Magnetic Desktoy You Can’t Put Down!” and they are right. Because of that, I don’t bring them to my workplace, otherwise I wouldn’t get any work done.

Another way I mitigate spending countless hours playing with balls:  I only bought two sets, one for each of my kids. If it’s their toy, I can’t spend all day playing with them. Until today. I did cave in and order two more sets from their website. Their “Thank you for your order page” cracked me up.

Because really, isn’t that what ChatRoulette is for? 


I’m happy to report increasing sightings of “don’t block the box” paint on the road. Not sure if I’m using the right term, so let me illustrate:

Shot from a NY intersection.

See those lozenges painted in the middle of the intersection? They mean: “you should not be stopped in that zone, at any time”. Frankly I’m sad that we’re becoming a nation who has to be reminded that it’s stupid to block traffic when you yourself are not moving.

I thought Canada was known for its politeness?


I try to stay away from blogging about my work, but sometimes it’s just too funny. Here are a few help requests we received.

How can I get some help?

Yes, this was sent through our help form.

My students cannot access their grades and I have all of them turned on. Suggestions?

Don’t do that? Get a room?

Student is having problem with virtual campus.

You’d be amazed at the number of requests like this one. We need details, people!

Any chance campus wireless printing will soon support iOS AirPrint?

If only I was in charge of that. You’d also be surprised at the number of requests we gat for stuff we don’t manage.

I need students to have access to this course IMMEDIATELY.  The course started today and they cannot get into the virtual campus to access the materials.

How about using the big “Manage Access” menu? Too easy?

I would like to obtain a copy (on CD) of the files currently in my Virtual Campus courses.

You mean the files you just uploaded from your computer? Is this a clever ploy to not buy a CD?

Can you tell me why do I get the “Why am I seeing this page?” page?

Did you read the page or just the title? I guess you forgot to include TL;DR.

My password (********) works on my email, but doesn’t work on [system B], so I can’t access [System C].

Yes, the person actually typed her password. Yes, we manage [System A].

I can’t enter [System A] anymore, but I have to access it because I still have to pay something. Can my login credentials for accessing [System B] please be restored?

We do manage [System A] but it has nothing to do with paying things. We don’t manage [System B].

Don’t remember any of my passwords (Lists all systems on Campus).

Ha, the shotgun approach. Our website clearly states that we don’t have sufficient privileges to reset you password, and the number to call to get ANY password issues fixed.


Did you notice that the asterisk in the title is not the same as the asterisk in the post? The title has five points, the post six.


Weekend Update

Hey, guess what I did this weekend.


Well, we did the Christmas Tree.

And I forgot to bring the memory card that has the pictures of said tree. So really, it’s like I did nothing.

I’ll leave you with an artist rendering of what my tree looks like.

Our Christmas Tree, 2010.

Sorry about that. Real pictures tomorrow.

Can this still be a blog without the “log” part?

Looking back on the past few months, I notice a disturbing trend: I realize that I write less and less here.

At first I stopped blogging on weekends. To be honest, I’ve been not blogging weekends for quite some time now, way before I made it official. I’m sure you’ve seen the tag “Webless Weekends” on a few occasions. Nevertheless, I used to put content up on weekends, now I don’t anymore. I spend time with my family. I drink wine. I drink Scotch. I go see movies. I play with the kids. I bake.

I blog about none of these things.

Work is… weird. I never blog about work anymore, because really how subtle would it be to blog about good things while completely staying silent on other (less than stellar) occasions? It’s not that nothing good (or bad) is happening – it’s just really extreme.

So I blog about none of those things.

I’ve also stopped being a slave to the midnight rule. If you look back through the archives, you’ll see that until a few months ago, all my posts were published at midnight sharp. If you go back more you’ll see I used to publish at one minute past midnight – go figure.

Then there’s the Diptych Wednesday. I didn’t think taking pictures was going to be much easier than writing words, but I loved the idea of doing that because that was one more day that I wouldn’t have to put words on a page.

There’s also the whole “reply to comments” thing. I used to reply to comments religiously. Replying to comments is a big part of what I enjoy about blogging. Why am I not doing it anymore? Or really, doing it really late and in batch?

I semi-jokingly thought about skipping today’s post and then tomorrow posting a blank jpg with the title “Wordle of my Thursday post”. That would be two posts writing nothing and/or about writing nothing. Seriously, this has to stop. There’s only so much posting about not posting I can do before it becomes ridiculous.

Maybe it already is.

Now where’s my Batman & Joker .jpg?