Video Games


I know I’m late to this party, but I’ve just got a PS3 a week ago.

So what’s the goal in Skyrim? Not that it matters, I really enjoy walking around the map, shooting arrows at deers and wolves. I think I messed up my forst attempt at making some sort of armour in a forge, and I may have killed some NPC that I should not have.

It doesn’t help that I got a used game, and it didn’t come with the manual. I’m a sucker for manuals, I can read those all day if I had to (and I do have to in the thing I do in exchange for real money).

Is there anything I should really do while in the game? Anybody wants to be my friend on the PSN and probably kick my ass at some games?  😉

Speaking of computer-related things, I have to find an alternative to Minecraft for my son. It turns out that Minecraft is a bandwidth whore, and my son goes through 10Gb of data per day when he plays on his iPad. Needless to say, the 90Gb plan we have is busted in less than a week… Anything similar that I can buy for my son that wouldn’t require as much bandwidth? If it plays on a Mac, that’s even better.

Let me know!



One bullet short of a full gun (36)

Welcome to the “Don’t know what you got (Till it’s gone)” edition of one bullet short of a full gun.

Hacked. I had not blogged in almost two months, but when I got hacked and the blog was gone for a few hours, I realized how I really miss this blog. Of course, rebuilding everything from scratch presents its own challenges. I’m trying to figure out how to have the new “Add Media” see the old images I uploaded in the previous version of the site… I guess this will keep me busy for a bit.

Family Day. Every family day it’s the same thing. My family either works or goes to school while I stay home. I wonder what I could do today since I’m all by myself…

Wii. A couple of months ago, I moved the Wii to the kids TV room. The kids love it, but now I’m out of a source of entertaintment in the living room… Maybe I’ll finally get that PS3 I’m always talking about. Hey, it’s not like there’s any other family member here to stop me! Any good games I should get?

1,000+. On the other hand, I haven’t read any of your blogs in a long while. I know this because my Google Reader is mocking me with its 1,000+ proudly displayed on top of the page… Maybe I’ll catch-up to what you’ve been doing in the past six months. Did I miss anything important?

Exception. Of course, there’s always an exception to every Cinderella power ballad rule: Sometimes you know exactly what you have, and you can’t wait until it’s gone. Counting the days…

In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet for myself for when the madness finally comes.



Decisions, decisions…

While all of the United States is blogging about healthcare, let me take a moment to tackle my real issues.


This one?


or that one?

Heck I’ll get them both. Now if you need help about that heath care issue, I’m available. Well, I’ll be in a couple of weeks, once I beat my games…

Renting DVDs is so 1999.

Note to the reader: I originally planned on posting this yesterday, but that little fire incident preempted this post. Now I’m just too lazy to change the references to the days. And I know it’s just the word “yesterday” in the next paragraph, and that it took me longer to write this paragraph to explain why I wasn’t changing one word. Meh.

Yesterday the awesome Shiny from Shiny’s Takeout (sound it out, it’s clever I tell ya) posted about the Dark Knight.

Well, not really. His post was more about praising the virtues of something called “Redbox“. In the interest of full disclosure, he said his post was not sponsored by Redbox, but I dunno. I mean look:


What’s that in his header graphic if not a red box? Coincidence?


I started typing a comment on his post, and after a few minutes I realized that this comment was so long it’d be better suited as a post on my site instead of hijacking the Shiny One’s blog for my own demonic purposes. 😉 

I don’t think I rented a DVD in over ten years now. Last few times I went to Blockbuster, I ended up buying a used copy instead (or three). I think the rental fee was 5.99$ and the used copy was 9.99$. Considering that I’m so much more likely to either:

  • Watch the movie at least twice, and not necessarily over the planned 24 hour period,
  • Have to return once or twice to the video store because the idiot who previously rented that copy of American Beauty sneezed all over the playing surface making the DVD unreadable in my player.*
  • Spend more time watching the deleted scenes, listening to the director’s commentary and exploring other features of the DVD,
  • Completely forget to return the movie within the 24 hour period allowed,
  • Bitch and complain that I have to make yet another trip to the video store in this FSM-damned weather,
  • Grab yet another movie while I’m there, effectively going back to square one with this whole God-awful process.

I think the 4$ extra investment is totally worth it. If you ask LovelyWife, she’ll probably tell you she’d pay really good money to hear me not complain, but that’s another story.

The one thing I really liked video stores for was for the game rentals. I used to rent a game and then go through it in the 24 hours period that the 3-5$ allowed me. Kid Icarus? check. Legend of Zelda? check. Metriod? Check. Yes, those are all NES titles. 😉 Then years later I got an X-Box. For around 70$, I modded my X-Box and then paid around 2$ a game to “back them up” to my 320G HDD. Score! Unfortunately, the glory days of the X-Box are long gone, but I still have games to play with until the end of times. My son really enjoys the variety of games, and I really enjoy not having to stay up 24 hours in a row to beat a game without renewing the rental. hey, not only am I frugal, I’m also old.

There was also this brief foray in PC games rental. Yeah, that lasted all about two seconds. I can’t believe nobody ever thought that those games could be easily copied and cracked. Not that I would ever do that, but you know some people have no shame. Oh I’m not saying I have shame. In my case, it’s mostly because I’m still running my AMDK6 1.7Ghz as my main computer at home. Like I said, frugal.  

And don’t get me started about the quantity of crap that’s produced by the gaming industry. I wouldn’t mind paying 60$ a game (60$ Canadian, but still) for a good game. Not even a great game, just a good game. But it’s so hit-and-miss that it makes more sense to download a copy of the game, see if you like it. When I do, I buy the game. Case in point, the most excellent World of Goo, from 2D Boy. They managed to create a game that is fun, innovative, completely addictive and they sell it for – drumroll – 20$!!!!! Oh look, five exclamation marks,  the sure sign of an insane mind. Full disclosure: This comment is not sponsored by World of Goo

So nowadays I mainly play games on the Wii. I did not – and I will not – chip this console. In part because I don’t have plenty of time to devote to playing – I’m still working on getting that “perfect town” status in AC:CF – but mainly because I feel that most Wii games I get for myself have a great replay value. This makes the Wii games useless to rent, since I’ll probably want to play them over and over. I can’t even justify renting them to try them out in case they turn out to be a dud, because there’s so many reviews on-line – hey I didn’t have that when I was 13-14! – and even gameplay footage that there’s really no need to try them. Plus, I always know a crazier friend who already bought the game. 😉

Toujours était-il que, this comment is getting really long. Maybe I should blog about this instead?

*Please don’t shatter my illusions about that splatter pattern. I’m telling you it was solidified sneeze and nothing else.