And we’re back

Here we go again (for the seventh time)

Hello good People of the Web.

Remember me? Long long time ago I used to blog about all kinds of stuff… I’m sure you missed me and your lives were miserable while I took an Internet break. Ha!

About six weeks ago, I took a five-week vacation from work and decided to minimize my online presence during that time. I wouldn’t say that I failed miserably, but I was very close. You probably saw me make dumb hit-and-run comments on Facebook and Twitter, and then disappear for a few hours/days, only to repeat the process.

Well, I’m back.


With September looming, I can safely say that I’ll probably go crazy soon, so who knows how long I’ll be here – physically and mentally?

So, what I’ve I done while I was away? I’ve done a lot of things:

  • Had my roof re-done.
  • Had 104 degrees fever for about a week and a half.
  • Ripped one of my calves (the left one).
  • Threw my back out.
    • While my chiropractor was on vacation
    • For two weeks
  • Visited the emergency “atlernative” chiropractor.
    • And I mean alternative it the weirdest possible way.
  • Took more pills in 3 weeks that I took in my entire life.
    • Tylenol migraine.
    • Tylenol Muscle Pain.
    • Tylenol Extra-Strength.
    • Robaxacet.
  • Because of all the pills, had a terrible (to me) reaction where I would sweat as soon as I went to bed until I’d wake up about an hour later in a deep pool of my own sweat.
    • And then spent the rest of the night wide-awake.
    • Or sleeping at a weird angle on the couch.
  • Didn’t play golf.
  • Fixed my bike tires.
    • But didn’t bike. At all.
  • Received 1,232 work emails, and replied semi-intelligent responses to 265 of them.
  • Went for beers.
  • Caught someone trying to steal my BBQ.
  • Went to see a few shows while under the influence of meds. Each time I thought I was going to die during the show.
    • Wicked at the NAC on July 16th.
    • Louis-José Houde on July 20th.
  • Saw a few movies.
    • Batman Rises.
    • Other movies not as good as Batman Rises.
  • Watched a lot of Olympic coverage.
  • Drove a Porsche.

I’m thinking I may regal you with tales of my time off for the next few weeks. After all, that won’t be worst than watching the Olympics on NBC, right?

See ya around.

Holy Crap, it’s a post from LeSombre


My name is LeSombre, and you might remember me from past posts on this here blog. It’s kinda hard to explain what’s been going on with me and the subsequent lack of posting, but since you all been extremely nice with me over the years, I feel I kinda owe you some sort of explanation.

So it’s like this.

If you look at my back catalog of posts, you’l probably figure out that I blog about the little things that make me laugh, cry, think, smile, yell, boil, pee my pants, go awwwwwww. And some other topics too.

Without going in many great details, let’s just say that the stuff that’s taking a lot of space in my life right now is not stuff that I really want to blog about. Life at Castle LeSombre is not all that it’s supposed to be, and work has entered a stage of suckiness like it never did before. Yes, LovelyWife reads my blog. Yes, my boss reads my blog. It wouldn’t be fair to them to read about the important stuff in my life via this blog – hence no new blog posts. I had to make sure that things were somewhat sorted out at home, and that my boss knew that I felt my professional life was/is in what I consider a very bad place at this point.

With that said, it is pretty hard for me to “bring the funny” about trivial stuff when I have so much serious and important stuff on my mind.

I was hoping that the job thing would be a temporary thing. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be.

I was hoping the home thing would be a temporary thing. I honestly have no clue what’s going on there.

So I’m at a crossroads. Once more. I don’t like pretending everything is all right, and I don’t want to blog about the stuff that’s wrong. The stuff that’s wrong takes 98% of my brain power right now, so that doesn’t leave a lot of space for anything else. But seriously, 2% of my brain power is still a lot of brain power.

So I’ll say this one last time: Work sucks and life at Castle LeSombre is not perfect. Now I’ll never blog about those things again.

Now that I got that out of the way, I’ll try to use the remaining 2% of my brain to entertain you. To entertain me.

So there you have it.

The show must go on.

Hello Internets! I’m ba-aaaack!

Did you miss me? Of course you didn’t.

Here’s a little summary of what I did over my “staycations“. BTW, someone thought I was saying “steakations”, and that gives me ideas for next year. A steak a day sounds like an excellent vacation plan! 😉 Actually, I could call them “golfcations”.

I took the Zadorables and lovely wife to the driving range. I was really surprized that they’re pretty good at it, and most importantly that they like it enough to consider doing it again. My son has a very good drive, and so does my daughter and Lovely Wife. Maybe we’ll eventually get to golf as a family.

I played my best-est golf game ever, with a nice 88. My brother’s reaction was pretty funny, he started by saying that it wasn’t that bad for a 9 hole par 3, and when I told him it was actually on a full 18 hole course, he said that I must have a pretty good “kicking wedge”, meaning that I kicked my ball out of the woods of other hazards. I didn’t, and that makes this game all the more special. I played with Mister 1981, and since he plays 2-3 times a week, I was fairly happy to beat him by 7 strokes. He normally beats me by 10. The weather was perfect.

Lovely wife asked what my handicap is, and I told her that I was just dumb.

Other than that, the rain was pretty much ever present. I read “Life of Pi” and I am pretty much just “Meh” about it. I guess it was hyped so much that I was expecting too much and ended up a little disappointed. I mean, I’m a big fan of “the Usual Suspects”, so I wasn’t too surprised by the ending, and all the spiritual stuff in the first part was mostly boring, not life changing. Oh well.

I also finished the first of the Terry Goodkind Sword of Truth (SoT) series, Wizard’s First Rule. I enjoyed this book, but I have a few issues about it. First of all, it’s packed with typos. Michael is one time called Michale, and a lot of other little mistake litter the book, and distracted me from the story. I guess that’s also why they make second and third editions. The second issue I have is that it’s formulaic. It’s the story of a Wood Guide that needs to do big important things to save the world. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I have read LoTR and WoT, and it was hard at times to know who wrote what first. The whole part where Richard is controlled by a magic collar seemed like déjà vu to me, since it mirrored the WoT Damane-Suldam relation. The last issue I have with the book is the name of the main character, Richard. If you’re not familiar with this book, it’s set in a medieval fantastic time (with good and bad magic, talking wolves and dragons, and other fantasy-setting classic elements. Characters have names like Father Rahl, Chase, Zedd Zeddicus Zolander, Brophy, and then there’s Richard.

So, with just the week-end to go, it’s time for me to catch up on my blog reading before heading back to work on Monday. Anything I should (or should not) pay attention to in the Blogosphere?