by the numbers

Denver by the numbers

Number of days not at home: 5
Number of kids missed: 2
Number of Lovely Wife missed: 1
Number of you going “Awwwwwwwww”: 17
Number of you going “Ewwwwwwwww”: 2
Number of you thinking about dolphin on midget porn: 1

Number of kilometers (miles) flown: 4925.24 (3060.48)
Number of kilometers (miles) driven in the Colorado mountains: 160 (100)
Number of kilometers (miles) not driven in the Colorado mountains: 9.7 (6)

Number of days the weather was above 70F: 5
Number of degrees on November 5th: 77
Number of years since is has been that hot on a November 5th: 64
Number of you thinking “That LeSombre is so hot right now”: 0 1 (Tanks Sybil!!!)

Number of sessions attended at the conference: 10
Number of sessions missed : 1
Number of duds: 2
Number of Tweets I sent during the conference: 11
Number of people at the conference who recognize me because of a Tweet I sent: 3

Number of hours you should substract to understand military time: 12
Number of vendors at the conference who didn’t get this: 1
Number of times we joked about this: still climbing

Number of shirts brought: 4
Number of shirts I ironed: 4
Number of shirts I wore: 3

Number of bras I saw: 150+

Number of beers I had: 7
Number of bottles of Scotch I had: .25
Number of coffees I had: 12
Number of coffees that were made in my bathroom: 1
Number of times I used the bathroom phone: 0

Number of bloggers met: 1
Number of bloggers I had an awesome time meeting: 1
Number of bloggers I could’ve met but didn’t: 1

Oh, there you are!


Ten full days without a post. Well, I was at the cottage for most of these days. Yes, stuff did happen. Rather than to bore you with a play-by-play of the last ten days, I’m stealing Chris Cactus‘ “by the number” style for this one.

Days off: 25
Days off including the Washington conference: 32
Bloggers met while on vacation: 1
Bloggers that commented I should go see them: 2
Movies I saw: 2
Days I stayed home – bachelor style – before missing my kids: 2
Kilometers driven: 1,257
Times I packed / unpacked the car: 8
“Essential” bags we brought: 7
Video games I brought in case of rain: 17
Times stung by wasps: 7 (daughter 1, son 2, me 4)
Days I was sick while at the cottage: 3
Fever: 104F
Tylenol ingested: 26
Rainy days at the cottage: .5
Fish we caught: 11
Fish we released: 2
Fish we ate: 9
Meals at the cottage: 20
Meals that were so frickin’ good it was to die for: 20
Weight I thought I would gain after all that delicious food: 25 pounds
Actual weight gain lost while on vacation: 6 pounds
Sandwiches made with the leftovers: 10
Bottles of wine we brought to the cottage: 20
Bottles of other alcohol we brought to the cottage: 7
Bottles I brought back from the cottage: 4
Nights at the cottage: 7
Campfires: 6
Marshmallows I ate: 3
Marshmallows LovelyWife and Zadorables ate: Infinity +1
Shooting stars seen: 23
Shooting stars seen while in the hot tub: 1
Things I cannot write about because LovelyWife doesn’t want me to: 2

So there you have it, my cottage vacation by the numbers. You can see the pictures here. You can practice your French as the descriptions are in French. 😉