Well I think it finally happened. My digital camera is dead dead dead.

Well not really dead dead dead. Maybe just dead dead.

The camera seems to be working fine, but its now impossible to extract any of the pictures from the SD card. So it looks like the camera is taking pictures, I can see the pictures on the camera but when I stick the card in my computer… Nothing. Just to be sure it wasnt the computer, I tried the card in a different computer with the exact same results.

I think I dont have a choice now. I need to go get a new camera. Im looking at the Digital SLRs and debating between Canon and Nikon. They both make decent Digital SLRs and Im told the difference is largely a question of preference.

And so I turn to you – crowdsourcing is the new black – for some assvice. Im looking to spend around 1,500$ and Im looking for the best bang for my buck. What do you think?

*Yes I am totally ignoring the possibility that the SD card is faulty in order to get a new camera. Mikey likes toys. ūüėČ

The Day of the New(s)

Lots of new things today, lots of news touching me or my family today.

1- uOttawa student suspected of strangling his father to death

No, I didn’t know that student.

2- Attempted kidnapping in St-Hyacinthe

Yes, that was near my brother’s school.

3- New Host

Some of you might have noticed that my site was down the last couple of days. My host server crashed and my site was moved to a new host. It took some time for the DNS change to propagate, but I’m back!

4 -I got a new digital camera!

Nothing too too fancy, but a good compromise between cost, portability and quality. Couple that with the huge rebate I got buying the camera, makes for a pretty sweet deal.

My new camera!

But the most amazing thing is the increase in quality of the pictures. I knew that going from 2.0Mpix to¬†7.1Mpix would make a¬†huge difference, but don’t take my¬†word for it. Instead, look at two pictures of me, the first one taken with my old camera, the second one with the new camera. The difference is amazing.

Canon A40Canon A570IS

(I was going to do this with Heath Ledger, but I figured it was too soon.)