Crazy Brain

Stuck in the middle with you

Will this week ever end?

Yes it will.

Well look at that. Looks like it finally happened.

What’s that?

Sounds like I finally lost it completely.

Why do you say that?

Well, it seems that I’m having a conversation with myself here.

And that troubles you?

Well, yes, it troubles me.

But it doesn’t trouble me.

Are you sure?

No, but I decided not to pay attention to this strange behaviour.

I think this is fascinating.

So do I. Are you surprised?

Well not really, you’re half my brain, really.

Am I? I think you’re half MY brain.


Nah, I’m right. You’re left.

I left?

You’ve been gone for a while, I think.

Damn. I was afraid of that.

Don’t be afraid, it’s all in your mind.

Sometimes I feel i’m having a conversation
with an online bot, but after a while
I start thinking that I’m the bot.
Who’s the other guy?

What does that mean?