Happy Birthday!

Grand-Maman Pauline turns 39*

Bonne fête Grand Maman Pauline!

*By 39, I really mean 93.

Happy Birthday!

It’s now official. My youngest child is now 9. Next year is  the big 1-0. 😉

This is what he got for his birthday:

But this is what I’d like to get him:

Things I want for my Birthday

My B-day is just around the corner. I’ll be turning 37 in one week –  on July 20th. Holy crap!

In order to help my family and friends get a ton of presents for me, I decided to forfeit the usual “I don’t want anything thank you” attitude and just come up with an actual list of things that I want for my birthday.

  1. A Wacom Cintiq 21UX interactive pen display. Nothing says “I love you” like the gift of an expensive piece of hardware that would allow me to doodle while on the phone and then fill my blog with those childish doodles. Don’t you love me?
  2. A new computer to play City of Heroes on. My home computer is still pretty good for Internet browsing and e-mails, but it’s almost 6 years old! I definitely need something that will allow me to spend my nights and weekends in my office playing with my online friends while my family does… whatever they want. Come on, I get a new computer every 3 years at work…
  3. An iPhone with a prepaid one-year unlimited plan. Oups, scratch that, I’ll get one from the office. The office loves me more than you do. You should be ashamed.
  4. A motorcycle. Nothing too fancy, just a custom Titan. I would only be away one month while I help them build it. It’ll be great wouldn’t it? Then I could ride nights and weekends if not playing on my new computer.
  5. A nice painting with nice flowers that would go well in my living room. It’s even already framed. Come on!

So there you go, five four excellent choices. Please coordinate amongst yourselves so I don’t get two of the same. Thank you.

If all else fails, a email birthday wish always works. 😉