tYotP: H

This post is part of the Year of the Purge : A to Z series. Every other Sunday, I’ll get rid of something starting with the letter A and working my way to the letter Z by the end of December. This week I’m tackling H.

Half-Efforts / Half-Assness

I’ll call you on it instead of fixing your shit. You’ve been warned.


I’ll call you on it instead of politely offering you a mint. You’ve been warned.

Heroin & Herpes

If only I had those, that’d be a good purge.

HighLands Exclusivity

Try scotches from other regions of Scotland, not just the Highlands. Way to purge! 

Hopes and dreams

Nah, I’ll keep those for a while still.

Hitman part time job

Ahem, scratch that. Forget I said anything. ::whistles innocently::

House shopping

Hey LovelyWife: Can we agree that we will not move for at least 3 years? That would be awesome.


I’ll give up watching hockey right after the Stanley Cup is won until next season begins, I swear! 


Horns, moi? Mwhaaa haa ah! If I give that up, who will fast-track your paperwork?

Horrible chocolate

I love chocolate. I hate horrible chocolate. This one’s not really hard. 


I’m so completely ready to give up on humans. I’ll just hold off for a little while.


I feel I should proclaim my awesomeness instead of being so damn humble all the time.

Hairy nostrils

This is starting to be a concern. Let’s make it a thing of the past.

Hectic schedule

Well, I’ve already started this with the Webless Weekends. 


Hey, I could give blood. Not that AB+ is really rare, but every drop helps, right?

Hot Pockets & Hot-Dogs


I need this


Because drinking the whole bottle is not a great option. But you know, I gotta do what I gotta do.

In other news

I thought today was the next installment of “the Year of the Purge” series, but I was sooooo wrong it’s next week! So I got one more week to cherish what I want to get rid of that starts with the letter D.

Update: Oh look, pretty!

Google does everything better

Unfortunately, that includes being weird. I’m staying with weird for now, but might upgrade to dumbass in the near future.

I use Google for a lot of things, I have a GMail account, I use GTalk for chatting, I have a few Bloggers sites, Google Pages, Google Sites, I use Google Reader for reading blogs and Picasa for my online pictures.  

Now my online albums are getting close to the 1GB limit for the free album, so I figured I should upgrade to the first available upgrade for the album, the 10Gb album. I like pictures – but I hate my camera, but that’s another story – what can I say. 

This is where the weirdness starts. You see, Gmail offers around 7.33 GB of free space for e-mails – of which I use 0.17 GB –  and Picasa offers 1 GB for pictures. I thought that for 20$/year, I would keep the 7.33 GB for Gmail and get 10 GB for Picasa. But noooooo! For 20$/year, I get 10 MB of COMBINED space for Gmail and Picasa. So instead of 8.33 GB, I’ll get 10 GB, or 1.66 GB more. I don’t know, 20$/year doesn’t seem that good of a deal… 

How about letting me combine what I have at this point for free? it’s the same space, really. 

I guess I should have a look at other on-line albums options, what do you Digital Denizens use for storing your pictures?

My head almost exploded

It’s no real secret that I can – at times – be very vocal about things that irks me. I blame it on my Sicilian heritage, via my grandma, you know that Ol’Latin boiling blood thing. Anyways. On top of the list of things that really really push my button, not being able to park a frakin’ car stands head and shoulder above everything else. I give you the trifecta of being an asshat:


That woman is not handicapped, she parked and literally ran in the store. She’s parked over two spaces, one of them a space reserved for handicapped drivers. The kicker is that there’s plenty of parking spaces available, as only 4 spaces out of the 36 spaces are occupied (two by her car).

Why couldn’t she possibly park 10 feet to the right boggles the mind. This is the original picture: Look, you can clearly see the two empty spaces right there! Was it really that hard to park 6 feet to the right?


If that wasn’t enough, all of this was to get to the liquor store. Yes, my English speaking friends, the SAQ stores are our liquor stores in Quebec, like the LCBO in Ontario. Who needs liquor that bad at 11:00 in the morning?

Maybe I do.


In other news

We ordered our special St-Sylvester menu from Les Fougères. Champagne’s in the fridge. We’re ready.

I’ve uploaded some of the Christmas pictures to Flickr.

Not quite bullets…

More like bull.

Crazy e-mail

I think e-mail should be banned on Fridays afternoon, especially an hour or so before closing time. Here’s an excerpt of an e-mail I received this Friday at 16:07: Emphasis mine. Names changed to protect the innocents.

“On Monday, November 17 we will be doing some upgrades to the DB2 Test Environment. Between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM, testing will be taking place and access to applications will be intermittent


Upon the completion of the upgrade, we ask that you verify the functionality of the applications. If you encounter any issues, please contact Crazy Person who sends an e-mail and then runs right out of the office, Senior Database administrator at extension XXXX or by email at CrazyPersonWhoSendsInsaneEmail@4onFriday.dum .”


WTF? Srsly?


I guess it doesn’t matter that the core of all my services rely on the DB2T environment. Monday between 8 and 10, odds are none of my 40,000 users will be able to access any of our services – bah, it’s only all the online courses offered at the university during peak exam time, it’s not that important right? – but I then have to verify if all my stored procedures will keep pulling the informations I need from the DB2T environment. If they don’t, I guess they’ll roll back their mystery upgrade, right? How long will that take? So Monday morning, I’m forwarding the support line to extension XXXX. Let’s see how crazy person enjoys getting hundreds of calls.


Lice killer!


I’m a mad lice killer. Apparently, my daughter is an extremely nice host for lice. We’ve been pulling larvae and eggs until 2:00 am Saturday morning, and most of Saturday.


Meh to the power of 10.


I love my Meh shirt, but after the last few days, I’m definitely getting this.


The only bad thing about this is that it only comes in a 6oz size. Maybe I’ll get 4.

I say we rename it Meh-day.

Who’s with me? Anyone?

I actually want to blog about my Sunday, but I think it’s somewhat off limits at this point. Let’s just say that I went to a baby shower, and it was interesting. 😉 My RPG session was good, if a little rushed. The dice did not roll in my favor this time. Still it was fun. I like playing but i miss running. Damn.

I like the new group. They’re all a bunch of weirdos, so we mesh well together. 😉

So on to Monday.

The day started fairly well, I got up and dressed in time to leave early enough to drop Kids at school, Lovely Wife at work and then get to work early. I don’t have much to say about work per say, but it could’ve been better. Tomorrow is another day. But, I did receive my Twilight saga [box set]. Squeeee! Goodbye free nights!

I then went to my monthly spine un-twisting. turns out I’m fairly well adjusted. Yes, I’m just talking about my spine here.

And that when things started to get to me. Normally I’m fairly cool with my kids, but it seems that lately they are very hard to follow, and it gets even harder to anticipate their reactions.

My son is alterning between the nicest little kid in the world to an evil horned monster breathing fire. He’ll do the coolest things and two seconds later he’ll say “My ass!”. Apparently all the 7 year-old at school do it. I almost used the classic line “if they jump off a bridge”, but thought better of it. He gives me his report card – he’s doing great – and while I’m looking at hos report card he’s trying to rip is binder apart. “Why would you do that?”. Of course, he doesn’t know.

My daughter is also a rollercoaster of coolness and nastiness. She keeps forgetting things. Tonight she forgot – again – the books she needed to do her homework. All her books. So I send her to bed. I was so mad I could’ve grounded her for a whole frakin’ year.

Le sigh.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

P.S. I’d like to thank the evil Rémi for sending me a link to World of Goo. I was looking for a time-waster, but I didn’t think a game so simple could be so addictive.

I got a case of the Mondays

Anybody wants some “the Mondays”? I gotta case full of them. 😉

Weekend recap: Went to Montréal Friday night, came back home on Saturday around noon, slept most of the afternoon, went to see Death Race, stayed awake most of the night, slept most of Sunday, read, watched PVR’d shows late in the night, got up late this morning, took a shower, shaved, brushed teeth, cut nails. Took bus to work, grabbed house coffee at Starbucks, had salad for lunch, wrote this entry.

Just realized I’m not dressed.

Kidding. Sorta.