Scotland 2011

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Just another quick update… I managed to upload all my Scotland pictures to Flickr. You can see the whole Scotland 2011 set, unfiltered.


Warning: the pictures don’t do justice to the beauty of the landscape. You really should go to Scotland.

I’ll probably go through the set and delete some of them eventually. In the meantime, enjoy! 😉

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Mr. FancyPants

This is my favorite distiller. They came out with a “Manager’s Choice”. At 400$ a bottle, this makes it slightly out of my price range. But oh just so slightly. I can almost taste it.

Quick poll: Am I bringing back this bottle? 😉

Look at that counter go!


We started talking about this trip almost ten years ago. It’s finally happening: In less than 60 hours, I’ll be on a plane flying to Edinburgh via London!

Unless something goes terribly wrong. Because knowing me, I’m not jumping for joy before we actually touch the tarmac in Edinburgh. Who knows what can happen in the next few days. It’s not like the last few days went extra smoothly you know…

One of our B&B didn’t have my reservation. Because I’m slightly OCD, I like to make spreadsheets and send confirmation emails and double-check and triple-check ad nauseam. So of course out of the 89 places I contacted, we ended up booking at 9 places and out of those nine place one of them didn’t have my booking. The guy was nice enough about it, with a little bit of snarkyness thrown in for good measure:

The good news is just as well you checked in time as you will not have a booking confirmation as you never confirmed with us. The bad news is we have no rooms on any of the nights you request. Suggest you try say ‘Visit Scotland’ or ‘Expedia’ at this late stage but this is a very busy weekend in Edinburgh and we have been booked out for months.

Sorry to break this to you at this late stage but as you never replied to our offer we assumed you didn’t require the rooms.

I’m not sure the concept of “good news / bad news” is well understood here. Oh well, I just Googled “Hotels in Edinburgh” and managed to book two rooms within 2 minutes, for the same rate that guy had quoted me. Crisis averted.

My lift to the airport tried to scare me. This morning I got an email from my friend Pascal who offered to drive us to the airport and pick us up when we come back. His email went like this:

So, did you get new luggage? Are you packed? Are you excited?

Let me know what time you want to leave your house on Friday.

I emailed him back and then I called him on the phone, because my flight is on THURSDAY.

So yeah, who knows what will happen in the next 60 hours. 😉