The Loot

loot_allFrom left to right: Edradour matured in very old Tokaji cask, Ardbeg Fèis Ìle, Campbeltown Longrow and Caol Ila Moch. Click to embiggify

These are the bottles I brought back from Scotland. At first I thought I was going to bring back 12 bottles, but once I got there, I realized that the logistics of bringing back 12 bottles were slightly mind-boggling. Was I going to get an extra suitcase? That would mean a huge (ok not so huge) “2nd bag fee” on BMI and Air Canada. Then there was also the custom tax issue, expensive bottles mean expensive taxes. Add to the mix that I only wanted to bring bottles that I couldn’t find in Canada, and trying to determine the actual value of the bottle was going to be a pain in the butt…*

I managed to sidestep all those issues by not finding a whole lot of really cool and unique bottles I wanted to bring back. That may sound like a negative, but really it’s not. Let me explain. (more…)

This trip has reached its half-life

So weve reached the halfway point.

I know youre all dying for pictures and incredible stories from Scotland. Dont worry I have both of them and you will be subjected to them very shortly and for a long long time. 🙂

Im taking advantage of the free wifi here at the Castle to quickly update you.

I bought myself two bottles of whisky at this point: the Ardbeg Festival edition, only 1,000 of them bottled and the Caol Ila Moch edition, only available to the friends of Malt and at the distillery.

The distilleries tours are awesome. How often can I say that I sat in Lagavulins warehouse, drinking whisky straight from the hogs head?

Were having a blast.



Recently I was telling someone I was going to Scotland, and that I was debating bringing my tripod or not.

Here’s the conversation we had.

Me: I’m going to Scotland soon, and I’m still debating bringing my tripod or not. What would you do?

Her: Well, I guess it depends how the roads are in Scotland.

Me: ??????????? (O.o <– that’s the face I made) Why are the roads a factor?

Her: Well, where I come from the roads are really bumpy, so sometimes we’d get stuck while driving around in our car.

At that point, I’m thinking maybe she uses a tripod to jack the car out of some potholes. That doesn’t make sense right?

Me: (After more ?????? and O.o) How would that change anything versus bringing a tripod or not?

Can you guess where this is going? I couldn’t. Try to guess, then read the rest of this entry after the jump. 😉


My secret admirer – an update

Yesterday I wrote about my secret admirer and the book I received. You can read all about it here.

If you’re too lazy to click, here’s the gist of the story:

I received a book that I didn’t order.

The book came with a standard form-letter addressed to “Dear Whisky Friend”. Well that didn’t help. But it also had an order number and the name and email address of the editor, along with a line that says “email me if you have any questions about your recent purchase”. So I did.

Hello there,

I just received a copy of the 2011 Malt Whiskey Yearbook – order number 3683.

I have to be honest with you, I have no recollection of ever buying this book. Don’t get me wrong, I love Single Malt, and I would most likely buy the book, but I didn’t.

So I’m puzzled. I’m thinking someone else made that purchase for me, as my credit card statement doesn’t list this purchase. But the book only came with a generic “Dear Whisky Friend” letter. Would you be able to tell me who bought this book? That way I can thank the proper person.

All the best,


This morning I got a reply from the Editor:

Hi Mike

You´re right, it was another person who ordered the book for you and paid for it.

However, I´m sorry to say that I am not in the position to reveal who that person was. By law I´m obliged not to reveal any information from my customer record to a third party. Sorry.

Hope you´ll enjoy the book.

Best regards / Ingvar

Ingvar Ronde
Malt Whisky Yearbook

So it looks like I’m out of luck to get a name, but at least I know I’m not crazy enough to order books without remembering. Still, I have a few “suspects” lined-up. So I fired an email to the first one. He’s Mike from (those guys are amazing, and they’re helping me plan my Scotland trip. I’ll do a post just about them soon)

Hi Scotland Mike

[Some stuff about the Scotland trip]

I would also like to thank you for the Whisky Malt 2011 yearbook I received in the mail yesterday. I had no recollection of ordering this book, and wrote to the editor to ask who ordered it for me. Well, he wouldn’t tell me who did, but let’s just say you’re on top of my “suspects” list, since it’s a book about Whisky, it was paid for in pounds, and you’re pretty much the only guy in Scotland who knows my mailing address.  😉 If it’s not you, I’m sure you can find something else to apply the thank you to. 😀


Canadian Mike

But still no dice. BTW, I don’t call him “Scotland Mike”, and I don’t call myself “Canadian Mike”. I only did this not to confuse you.

Hi canadian Mike,

[Some stuff about the Scotland trip]


Scotland Mike

P.S. The book must be from some secret wealthy benefactor! The “wealthy” bit rules us out of that category.

So I’m back to square one. And by the way, the book is awesome.