Recently I was telling someone I was going to Scotland, and that I was debating bringing my tripod or not.

Here’s the conversation we had.

Me: I’m going to Scotland soon, and I’m still debating bringing my tripod or not. What would you do?

Her: Well, I guess it depends how the roads are in Scotland.

Me: ??????????? (O.o <– that’s the face I made) Why are the roads a factor?

Her: Well, where I come from the roads are really bumpy, so sometimes we’d get stuck while driving around in our car.

At that point, I’m thinking maybe she uses a tripod to jack the car out of some potholes. That doesn’t make sense right?

Me: (After more ?????? and O.o) How would that change anything versus bringing a tripod or not?

Can you guess where this is going? I couldn’t. Try to guess, then read the rest of this entry after the jump. 😉