The Original Guest Package

I hesitated a long time before posting this document on-line.

I finally decided to publish it just in case the owner decides to make changes to his document after reading my review. This document is a snapshot showing the information I received on July 9, 2015, 48 hours before accessing the property.

When I decided to publish this document, I made the decision to change a certain number of things:
• All personal information about the owner as been redacted. The owner is known as [THE OWNER].
• All information that could allow you to identify exactly where the cottage is situated has also been redacted.
• The document has been formatted to fit within fewer pages.
o Margins have been made wider
o Page headers were used instead of repeating the header on each page.

I also made the decision to not correct any typos made by the owner in the document.

This was done to be in compliance with the website content guidelines, and because I do not believe this is information that is helpful in supporting my case.

If you find any information in this document that allows you to identify the owner or the exact location of the cottage, please let me know by email ( and I will correct the document.

I do not want to doxx the owner, I simply want to present all the facts and let you decide what is best for you and your family.

Download the Alexander Cottage Guest Package.

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