Bang Bang!

One bullet short of a full gun (33)

I know I said I was back, I even called you bitches and all that stuff. Now I’m giving you bullets.

  • Draw. I’ve been thinking about trying to get back into drawing again. Heck, when I was a kid I used to draw all the time, and I have stopped doing it for many years at this point. I thought I was going to get back into it a few years ago when I got a tablet and stylus for my birthday, but it took me months to get the thing out of the box, and I haven’t touched it since. Turns out drawing on the computer is much harder than on a piece of paper. Maybe I should start slow and rekindle my love of doodling while talking on the phone. Who wants to call me to kick start me on this journey back to drawing?
Of course, I could always find some helpful tutorials online.
  • Aim. My dad recently gave me his compound bow. It’s in pretty rough shape, but I think I’ll get it fixed and start shooting again. I used to be really good at this, way back when. I wonder if I can get back into it… All I need are some apples and my son, right? Nothing like proper motivation to get the job done.
  • Fire. Speaking of things that you shoot, I recently completed firearm training. Now I just need to find a few people willing to say that I’m sane enough to have some firearms in my house. It may be years before that happens, so no worries. On a more serious note, I did this because my FFIL (Favorite Father-In-Law) asked me to do it. I need to have the proper permits to be allowed to get his firearms collection when he dies. Yes, talking about death weirds me out.
  • Pause. I haven’t played any sport moved since the early 2011. I think the pause has been long enough as it is, and I’m starting to move more TODAY. True to myself, I’ll start by running an hour over lunch, and then bike another hour when I get home. This is what’s referred to as “starting slowly”. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know if I die over lunch. Maybe.
  • Ask questions. I’m often confused by people. I have a hard time understanding how some people can think that I’m the dumbest person to ever (slowly) walk the Earth and at the same time ask me constantly for information – roughly 47 times per day. There’s some sort of problem with this, or I may very well be the dumbest person alive. Any idea?

In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet for myself for when the madness finally comes.

It is always during a passing state of mind that we make lasting resolutions.

One bullet short of a full gun (32)

I’m doing something a little different this time. Picture bullets.

  • How mean would it be for me to scrape those dots from my window and set up a box of donuts on the table?

  • Remember when I talked about how LovelyWife stacks items in the fridge? If you thought I was kidding, look at the eggs now. Also notice the cream on its side to the left.

  • What is wrong with this picture? believe it or not, that’s the least of the bathroom problems we have here. Also, the only picture where you don’t see pee.

  • My son’s lunch.

  • Coming soon to a city near me! Hey, finally some good news!

In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet for myself for when the madness finally comes.


One bullet short of a full gun (31)

  • Escargot. Now I know what it feels like to have to carry all the stuff you own on your back. This is what my LovelyWife wanted me to do before we left for Mont-Tremblant this week-end.
  • One Skier, one Boarder. I now have one skier and one boarder more in the family. Both kids to introductory lessons, and they were both really good at it and had an awesome time. You can see pictures on Flickr.
  • One more inch, and I’ll be the King. One less inch, and I’ll be the Queen. It was really really cold on the mountain.
  • I have wood, and I’m looking for sheeps. Of course I’m talking about The Settlers of Catan, not some frat-house party.
  • Thank you. Suze and Mike were awesome.

In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet for myself for when the madness finally comes.

One bullet short of a full gun (28)

This is kind of a rebirth edition. With pictures / graphics. Enjoy.

  • The Phoenix: So Hilly decided to reinvent herself. I can’t wait to see what she’ll do next. Just so you know, I’m totally stealing the Hilly Sundays and making them Mikey Sundays. I kid, I kid. I never blog on Sundays anymore.

  • The Dark Phoenix: I’m thinking about this. Again. I already did this and that, so I’m thinking about making it official. Again. Feel free to gimme your thoughts, opinions and assvice.

  • The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the Third Age by some, an Age yet to come, an Age long past, a wind rose. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning. So I completely missed the release of Gathering Storm, the 12th (and final) book in the Wheel of time series. Well, true to the Robert Jordan experience, the final book has now become a three book saga. So the ending is really a beginning. As it should be, I guess.

  • Galaxies are Colliding: I look good in black.

In a slightly modified Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last two bullets for myself – the madness is here and I’m not going down without a fight.

That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.