Lemon Comanche

I’m thinking about implementing this at work. Do you think I can get away with it?



And so this is Christmas, and what have I done?

Oh wait.

It’s not Christmas, it’s new Year. 2011. Well, it’s not even New Year’s anymore, since I’m writing this tomorrow.

A New Year bring new stuff. A reboot of some sort. But not really a reboot, as a reboot would seem to imply that I’ll be doing the same things over and over again. Which is not really what I want to see. I would venture that it’s not really what you want to see except for the Batman & Joker comics – those are awesome and will not go away. 😉

So starting today (tomorrow really) I’m wishing myself new things on this little blog. It’ll start by the disappearance of a few things – mainly the work-related posts. The last two weeks of December have been really awful at work and that did occupy a lot of my mind, and even though I’ve been officially on holidays since December 22nd at 5 pm, in reality I’ve been working and thinking about work every single day until… today. That’s not really true, as I’m thinking about work right now, but I’m letting go of things until I officially go back to work… Tuesday.

Yes, that’s a full two days of mental break from work. Hopefully nothing will crash and burn during the next 48 hours.

So anyhoo, if you’re interested in reading me bitch and complain about work – and who isn’t really – may I recommend getting yourself a Dilbert Daily desktop calendar, or just go through the archives or the really excellent Tales from Redesignland. Seriously. It’s so uncanny how those are close to my workplace that we sometimes spend hours looking for hidden cameras in our offices.

Wouldn’t that make a great Dilbert strip? I rest my case.

So you might be thinking about how the changes I want to put forwards here will affect you, my loyal reader. Well, I think it will not really affect you. Like all the other things on this blog, I do this for me, not for you. Sure, you might see less posts, but hopefully more content – if that makes sense. There might be a few posts you don’t get, but then again they might be written in French (don’t worry, I’ll try to use a lot of pictures in those posts).

Another thing I want to do is blog from my Mac only. I don’t think this will change anything for you, but for me it’ll mean that I’ll physically have to sit in front of my beautiful 27″ iMac at least once a day in a while. It also means that I’ll have to learn all the new fun stuff there is to learn about Macs, which is awesome.

As an aside, I had a little mishap with my Mac a week ago that forced me to play with the command line and I had a Major Geekgasm with a capital G. Thanks to Poppy, Dave2, KimT205, MartyMankins (and to some extend Whall) for offering most helpful support in that time of crisis. 😉 So of course now I want to learn everything there is to learn about Macs, and go back to my days of typing commands in a console while saying things like “No sufficient permissions? We’ll see about THAT! Mwhhaaaa haaaa haaa ha!!”. ;-P

So anyways, sitting down to blog once in a while. No more always having a text file open at all times to blog on the go. Back to a more “Doogie Howser” way of blogging.

There’s a lot more I want to do, but I won’t bore you with more details right now. I’ll bore you later on as I explain what I’m doing, when I’m doing it. Hehe.

Thanks for stopping by.

I wish you all a Happy 2011 Reboot. May this be the year we all do what we’re meant to do.

One bullet short of a full gun (9)

  • Off : OMFS*!!! I can’t believe I’m done with work until next year! W00t! 13 sweet sweet days of not having to work. I flirted with the idea of stepping off the grid for 13 days, but that would be madness I tell you! MADNESS!
  • With : Once again and for the third time, we are with lice. But with our most excellent families and with the awesome comments from fellow bloggers, it looks like we will be with families for Christmas. FMIL is fully equipped to deal with the onslaught of the six-legged critters.
  • Their : However, I’m not impress with my kid’s school. Their lice policy is non existent, their communicating skills are lacking at best and their concern about this being a problem does not really show in their communications, when they don’t forget to send them.
  • Fucking : Fuck the fucking weather. Once again, the fucking weather lady is on my list of persons to sternly glare at if I ever meet her face to face. She fucking tells me that I’ll get to shovel 20cm (7 inches) of snow over the weekend. This wouldn’t be so bad if the 3cm she predicted for Tuesday didn’t turn into 8 inches, the “light dusting” she predicted for Wednesday didn’t turn into 3 inches of white shit. If I do the simple math, I should really be expecting 50 inches of stuff to shovel over the weekend. Fucking weather lady.
  • Heads : Yesterday we had the Christmas party at my office. The department heads have to cover, 0ut of pocket, the cost of the staff party. There’s a policy that says the university does not pay for food and drinks and room rental for employees activities. I think this is a good policy, the money should be used to help the students and professors, as they really need help. The result for our party was enough food for 30 people to lightly snack on. The problem? This event was advertised as a lunch, and we’re 75 employees.

    In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet for myself for when the actual madness comes.

    *Oh My Fucking’ Self. Yes, I think that highly of myself. 😉