Picture this!


About 13 years ago, we bought ourselves a Canon EOS Rebel X camera.

Canon EOS Rebel X.

That camera was bought mainly to snap pictures of our new born daughter. It was a splurge for us at nearly 500$!

Of course, over the years, we upgraded to a small digital point and shoot, then to a bigger point and shoot, and today we’re using a digital SLR Canon Rebel Ti.

When we upgraded, my dad asked if he could borrow the film camera. Since we had no use for it anymore, we gave him the camera, and he had it for over 10 years. Last weekend, he gave the camera back to me – he has a digital point and shoot now.

Here’s the fun part.

Unprocessed but used film.

That was also in the camera bag.

Now if you were me, would you have those rolls processed? Would you be a little worried of what could be on those rolls? I’m thinking this could ba an awesome blog post…

What say you? 😉




Week-End Recap

This is the thing in my dryer.
The thing in the dryer said  “Replace”
So I did.
There was a disaster in my office.
Kidding, LovelyWife was just doing the taxes.
If I tell you I stacked the dishes like that on purpose, I sound crazy. If I tell you I didn’t notice before it was done, I sound like a liar. Meh. (I’d rather be crazy)

We also had a massive thunderstorm this morning, and I tried taking some pictures to capture the lightning and ridiculous amount of rain we were getting.

This one is now my desktop background. 😉

I think I need a tripod.

Have a happy Monday!

My kids the artists

Every year, my kids’ school has an event where all the kids from the school draw stuff on the sidewalks around the school.


CutieDaughter drew the leaning tower of Pisa, which seems to have been moved to Holland.


The artist and her drawing.


AudaciousSon drew the solar system, in an apparent once in a lifetime planetary alignment.


The artist with his work.


And that’s all you’re getting, because I’ve been trying to solve a certain person‘s template issues, and it’s 23:53 and I have to go to bed now.