An Update

Look at the updated list of things that need to get done over the weekend:

  • Clean BBQ
  • Get Propane for BBQ
  • Pick-up garbage that made it’s way in our yard from back neighbor
  • Do something with the lawn (pictures might help you understand that one)
  • Change furnace filters
  • Trim front yard tree
  • Refinish mailbox
  • Hang mailbox
  • Install outside water tap
  • Finish kitchen ceiling patch
  • Stucco ceiling
  • Paint dining room / kitchen / corridor ceiling
  • Buy blinds for kids rooms playroom and office
  • Install blinds
  • Finish office window drywall (mud and tape)
  • Buy framing material for office and playroom windows
  • Frame and finish office window
  • Frame and finish playroom window

Of course, that’s on top of the regular stuff we do on the weekends:

  • Get groceries
  • Wash / Dry / Fold / Put away clothes
  • General cleaning (sweep, dust, clean bathrooms)

Here’s what I really want to do over the weekend:

  • See Wolverine
  • See Star Trek
  • Drink some Sangria / Wine / Scotch
  • Have pizza
  • Get a cowboy hat (all the kids are doing it!)

I already crossed “have pizza” because the pizza is in the oven! Unless I die in the next 10 minutes, I will have pizza soon!


It’s the list that keeps on listing.

I’m such a nice guy, and both these guys do have some dirt on me asked really nicely.

I’m putting the EXTENDED list after the fold, but here’s the scoop on the extra two posters:


Sunday FEB 1


Karl from SecondHand Tryptophan

Karl’s guest posting comes right on time, as it will replace my “Year of the purge, letter C” where I was going to get rid of my Coffee addiction. Karl, how can I thank you for this? I don’t think it’s humanly possible. 😉

Monday FEB 2


Dawg from A pile of dog bones

As for Dawg, I’m not sure what he will post about, but he might do the first ever vlog here! I havea feeling I could really use that extra day to get back to normal. Somehow.

Hey, maybe I could start a thing where I’ll have guest posters for a whole month? 😉


What a list!

Once again, I am amazed by the bloggers out there. I put it out there that I’d like to have guest posters while Im in Africa, and boy di I get a response.

Look at this list:

Friday JAN 23

Sheila from Charm-School-Reject

Saturday JAN 24

Dave2 from Blogography

Sunday JAN 25

Delmer from What’s a Delmer Look Like?

Monday JAN 26


Tuesday JAN 27

Avitable from

Wednesday JAN 28

Nat from From Nat’s Brain

Thursday JAN 29

Janelle from 5 minutes till normal

Friday JAN 30

GSD from Girl Scout Dropout

Saturday JAN 31

Poppy from

Wow. Thank you!

Looks like we were next

Well now.

My beloved Montreal Canadian* is now out of the Stanley Cup playoffs. I guess it’s back to real life now. Let’s see. What did I neglect in the past months?

  • Buy a bicycle
  • Get a haircut decent haircut
  • Lose some weight
  • Write Masters’ Essay
  • Pay some bills
  • Talk to the Zadorables & Lovely Wife (must remember their names first)
  • Clean up basement
  • Clean BBQ
  • “Summerize” the house

Of course, I’m kidding about the bills, I have almost everything taken care of automatically. Ha!

Wow I have a lot to do before the next hockey season.

Of course, if I get half of this done I’ll be happy.

* that’s a hockey team.