It’s all going slowly away…

I recently moved into an apartment with an ex coworker of mine. It’s not big, and it smells really damp. I have no clue why I moved in with this person – or rather how I allowed him to move in with me, we were not that great friends to begin with – but I guess that’s what I had to do in order to pay the rent.

Times are tough since my wife an I separated.

There’s also this other guy that I used to know when I was studying at Sherbrooke university. For no apparent reason we decided that it would be funny if he would wear one of my shirts for a day, and me one of his.

I don’t talk much about dreams, but these are the kind of dreams I’m having. You’d think that the strangeness of it all is the highlight of the dreams, but it’s not. The really strange things about these dreams? They form a coherent story that stretches as far back as 25 years ago.

I am not kidding.

It’s like all my dreams are part of this parallel universe, where what I dreamed a week or a decade ago is now canon. I once dreamed I broke an arm falling off a tree. In subsequent dreams I had a cast on my arm, and went through a healing process within the dream – but the cast was never the focus of the dream. Subsequent doesn’t mean “the next night” – I think that I dream one timeline, but jumbled – as I’ll pick-up where a dream left off 10 years ago one night, and some other night dream something that seems to be completely unrelated to the main story, but I’ll later discover that it makes perfect sense.

Maybe I’m such a nutjob that my brain “fills in the blanks” between unrelated dreams – sometimes years after the original dream.

Borrowed from http://www.toothpastefordinner.com. I Googled “Weird Dreams” and this fits.

I thought dreams were not supposed to make sense over the course of a lifespan. Mine seem to be part of a fairly complex continuity, and the fact that they totally make sense doesn’t make sense at all. Anybody else has weird dreams? Just me?

I had a dream…


I dreamt that I took all the skin & muscle off my right arm.

I just cut around the bicep to the bone and pulled the whole thing off like a sock.

I did it so I could reajust the tips of my fingers. They were dangling a bit, you know like when socks are not quite pulled up enough?

The problem was that once I pulled the skin and muscle off, it became stiff and I was having trouble putting the bones back in.

So I was walking around trying to find a doctor to put me back together.

All the while thinking “this is messed up”.

I woke up, I was sleeping on my arm, and my arm was asleep.


What do you think that means?

Sweet Dreams

I normally dream of pretty regular stuff. My dreams are – most of the tiime – boring. I once dreamt that I was grocery shopping. I also dreamt I was driving for a long long time. 

But not this week-end!

Saturday night

I dreamt that me and two other guys that I didn’t know where prisonner of a female demon in human form. The whole goal of the guys was to get the hell away from that demon, but she kept appearing as we’re running out of the appartment, catching us as we’re jumping out the window, etc. 

We decided to make a break for it while she was in the shower. That’s when she ran out of the shower – in demon form, complete with horns, wings and spiked tail – and grabbed us all and ripped our heads. 

For some reason, I was not one of the three guys anymore when that happened. 

I wake up.

Sunday night

I am a Sniper. I have to go up to the 3rd floor of an apppartment building to get a better view of the street, and I’m supposed to kill a woman who looks like Lois in Family Guy. But I have trouble opening the empty appartment door and when I finally get inside the landlord walks in with a couple to show them the appartment. He sees me and I have to kill them all. I run back down to the street level and grab a handgun with a laser sight on.

I wake up.

So, any dream experts out there? What does that mean? Does it mean anything? 

As a related aside, I always know when I’m dreaming. For example, during the “Sniper” dream, the “landlord seing me” sequence was replayed over and over – I was trying to hide myself better each time. After 4-5 times, I decided I couldn’t hide and proceeded with the rest of the dream. Weird huh?