Month: February 2011

Ten a Day

The very lovely Sugarpants and the very hairy AvitableAdam P Knave came up with a brilliant idea.

*Well duh. I’m a dumbass. I read “Adam” and assumed it meant Avitable. Sigh.

From Sugarpants‘ blog:

So we were thinking that we should plants some seeds of love on our friends’ blogs by commenting on at least 10 blogs a day, leaving a genuine comment, and make others feel good. If you’re a blogger, you know how crappy it feels to write into the void, while people joke about bacon and cupcakes on Twitter and your itty bitty post is being ignored.

So steal this graphic! Join us in our quest to spread some comment love! You know you want to.

Call me William F. Barry – Or not.

Many years ago, I did something a little dumb and a lot funny at my workplace. I put my picture in a mosaic depicting past winners of “teacher of the year” awards. I did blog about it at the time, but apparently I lost this article in the move from Joomla to WordPress for my blogging engine.

The gist of the idea was that I didn’t replace the picture of the Professor, I simply added one of my picture to a plaque where no picture was present. A blank plaque, with just the name and the year.

It took a little while, but people noticed after a few weeks. The picture stayed up for a whole year. It was removed when we moved from our original office space to the temporary space, two years ago.

This is the picture I used at the time:

I made it black and white – like the other award winners – and just stuck it up there.

Well today while walking back from lunch, I walked past the Faculty of Education’s version of the same mosaic. Guess who’s picture they had there!

I never thought the original would be funnier than what I had done. 😉

Made my day.

Oops, I made it (again)

Yesterday I published something from my iMac which apparently saves in TIFF, and not all browsers support TIFF.

Here’s today’s picture:

Yesterday’s picture had @kapgar, @TheRealBradFinn, @Faiqa and @missbritt in it, but today’s picture with @hellohahanarf, @TheRealBradFinn, @avitable and @karensugarpants is not bad either!

Now I gotta figure how to capture the screen to something else than a TIFF.

A Cryptic Post

If I’m ever on fire, rolling on the floor, crying and waving my arms around… Please consider it implied that I want you to put the fire out.

Don’t tell me I wasn’t clear enough about telling you I wanted the fire out because I didn’t actually say: “Please with a cherry on top, would you be kind enough to put those pesky flames out please?”.

Not that there’s anything wrong with flaming every once in a while. But burning alive is another thing.

Mitchell: “Look at that. Two things flaming at once.”

In 94 days.