Mikey Sunday: Smallworld

Can’t blog. Addicted to this new board game.


Which leads me to…


Are you a board game player? What’s your favorite board game? What’s the worst board game you ever played?

Board game kisses,

Guest Posting for Hilly today

This is my new schtick. I pretend people asked me to guest post on their blog, and I do it here. Hope you like it. ;-)

Mikey Sunday: I tried a new thing this week and boy is my ass sore!

I dabbled in high school with a couple of friends. Because I’m an extremist, I couldn’t stop once I started, and pretty soon I was spending my whole summer doing it with the 12-14 year old boys of my school. I wasn’t very good at first, and couldn’t go very long before I had to stop and rest, but I kept at it and soon enough I could last much longer.

Anydoodle, I’m talking about cycling.

I recently got a bike and biked my ass to work last week. Yanno, I’m not in any kind of shape to wear those fancy biking shorts yet, so as a result, well… let’s just say that it made for interesting evening and nights as I alternated between sitting down, showering, going to the pool figure-skating and sleeping all the while trying to pretend everything was perfectly fine down there.

That got me thinking about…


Are you fairly conventional, or are you more of a trailblazer? Are you a creature of habit or do you like to try new things? Is you ass as sore as mine?

Me? I think I’m a good mix of both worlds. And did I mention my ass is sore?

Parody kisses,