Month: November 2008

To Costco or not to Costco?

I used to be a Costco member way back when it meant something. In fact, I was a member by extension through my parents who were a foster family for half a dozen girls aged between 12-17. As the years passed, I moved out of my parents place, but would go to Costco with my dad every week or so. My dad loves Costco. In fact, my sister used to go out with a guy who works at Costco, and we’d joke that my dad loved Costco so much he even got his son-in-law there. 

Then Costco relaxed their rules about membership, and I started sharing a card with TheBrother. 

When we moved near Ottawa, the closest Costco was a 30 minute drive froom our house, and we became less and less interested in going. Loblaw’s arrived on Le Plateau, we started shopping there and let our half of the card go. I think TheBrother still uses the card we originally shared. 

I never questionned my Costco-less existence. Until now.

You see, my very nice co-worker K-Girl agreed to come with me to Costco, because I wanted to get something knew was there, at a decent price. It was also a chance for her to shop without her hubby the NiceBusDriver. Because of many reasons too numerous to mention here, NiceBusDriver was there but I still got to shop for that one item I wanted. 

I can’t go into too much details – I suspect my family lurks on my blog – but I found all that was on my Christmas list, within an hour, for a lot less money that I expected paying. One item was 21.99$ instead of the 49.99$ price tag I saw the previous week at Loblaws. That’s a 28$ saving on one item. Considering the membership fee is around 55$ a year, it seems to be a no-brainer. I should get a new Costco card, yes?

Well my dear Digital Denizens, it’s not that simple. 

Costco has a tendency to create needs in me that I was not even aware I had before I walked in the store. Ahem. I have a tendency to buy a lot more stuff then intended when I go to Costco.

So, what do you think?  To Costco or not to Costco? what do you guys do? Any Pro or Anti Costco people out there? 

All right, back to Guitar Hero World tour now. I think I’ll call in sick Monday. 😉

It all started with a simple sign

A few months ago, I made this sign for the kitchenette at work.


Now it seems I should make signs for all kinds of things at work, starting with…

The Bathroom

You are not three years old anymore, nobody needs to see your poop. Please flush.

Congratulations on pooping a big one. Now let’s see if you can flush.

If I find one more pube on the toilet seat, I’ll bake a cake and put it in. You like cake, right?

Please keep noise to a minimum. Some of us are trying to read.

Wash those hands! You know you want to. Seriously, do it.

If you’re taking a dump and I walk in, you might see me through the space between the stall door and the frame walking to a urinal. This is not the moment to ask me about project X. This is a bathroom, not a meeting place.

The Kitchenette

Please put your rotting food in the trash, don’t leave it in the fridge.

Hey! Let’s make a schedule so we can take turns washing the dish towels! It’s fun!

Clean the microwave (Sincerely, disappointed)

The Lab

Dear users, closing at 17:00 means you have to get your butt out of here BEFORE we lock the doors. I shouldn’t have to wait 15 minutes while you pack your stuff and leave. I have a wife and kids and they shouldn’t have to wait for me every single f*cking night.

These computers are for work-related purposes. Please do not ask the staff how to save LOLCATS to your usb key, how to submit a resume on a company website or how to register to an on-line dating service.

My Office

“Hello, are you busy” is a great way to start a conversation as you walk in. Sitting down and starting to talk as I’m typing on the keyboard – not so much.

If you hear me talk, please assume that I’m on the phone and not that I’m totally crazy and just talking to myself. Refrain from popping your head in to explain that you thought I was talking to myself. I’m on the phone.

Please leave. Now.


What about you? Any office notes worthy of Let me know!

Unrelated: Anyone saw the last 2-3 minutes of Heroes? Looks like the show ran a little long and the PVR did not catch the last few minutes…

13 years and 33 days ago

It was a rainy night. We were supposed to go to the movies, but we both didn’t feel like it. Sitting in the living room, we were wondering what to do instead. 

“I want a child.” Said LovelyGirlfriend.

I was partially surrounded, with everywhere to go. My mind was racing.

“We’d have to get married first.”


Thirty-three days later, we were married. 

That’s how LovelyGirlfriend became LovelyWife. 😉

Susie je t’aime.

Sweet Dreams

I normally dream of pretty regular stuff. My dreams are – most of the tiime – boring. I once dreamt that I was grocery shopping. I also dreamt I was driving for a long long time. 

But not this week-end!

Saturday night

I dreamt that me and two other guys that I didn’t know where prisonner of a female demon in human form. The whole goal of the guys was to get the hell away from that demon, but she kept appearing as we’re running out of the appartment, catching us as we’re jumping out the window, etc. 

We decided to make a break for it while she was in the shower. That’s when she ran out of the shower – in demon form, complete with horns, wings and spiked tail – and grabbed us all and ripped our heads. 

For some reason, I was not one of the three guys anymore when that happened. 

I wake up.

Sunday night

I am a Sniper. I have to go up to the 3rd floor of an apppartment building to get a better view of the street, and I’m supposed to kill a woman who looks like Lois in Family Guy. But I have trouble opening the empty appartment door and when I finally get inside the landlord walks in with a couple to show them the appartment. He sees me and I have to kill them all. I run back down to the street level and grab a handgun with a laser sight on.

I wake up.

So, any dream experts out there? What does that mean? Does it mean anything? 

As a related aside, I always know when I’m dreaming. For example, during the “Sniper” dream, the “landlord seing me” sequence was replayed over and over – I was trying to hide myself better each time. After 4-5 times, I decided I couldn’t hide and proceeded with the rest of the dream. Weird huh?

La farniente

That’s it, I’m doing nothing.

I was supposed to do all kinds of stuff this weekend, and I’m instead doing nothing. I’ll go get a few nice bottles of wine, and I’ll spend the whole weekend reading a few books and drinking a few glasses of wine. 

I might go see Bolt with the kids tomorrow.

Yay me!

I might get in trouble for this


Well, I thought I was original and whatnot with my Venn Diagrams, but this goes to show: It’s very hard to come up with an idea that has not already been done, and done in a brilliant way to boot. Darn.

In other news…

– Got my winter tires on today. The Rogue has 9550 kms. Funny how I’ll use my blog to keep track of how many kilometers I use my winter tires. I hope I can keep them for 4 years. How many kilometers should winter tires last anyways?

– Renovations on the house are almost done. Siding is done, new eavesdrops are in, windows are installed and the inside casings are installed (as of Thursday night). There’s just a few things left to do before winter really sets in, like re-attach my chiller power line to the side of the house, caulk the new light fixtures, clean one window casing inside, install the windows moldings and re install the exterior water faucet. I’d like to find new doorknobs, but I can’t find the color and finish I want. There’s also the mailbox issue that needs to be addressed. When springs rolls around, we’ll do the fence and hopefully the Spa/Pool. Almost there.

– And just like that, I’m gone!