This blog is officially a toddler

Three years ago, I moved whatever crap I was writing from Joomla! to WordPress and never looked back. Actually, that’s not true. I peeked a few times. 😉 I still have a Joomla! installation at the ready to test things out, play with the code.

But this is not a tech post.

Anyways, three years on WordPress and 857 posts later, here we are. Where is this thing going? Not sure. Is blogging dead? I don’t think so, I think blogging has changed. Is it for the better or for worst? Who could tell really.

The one thing I’m certain about is that I have a craving for creating. I want to create something good. I want to write gooder. I want to play more music. I may quit my job and open a bakery à la Duff, renovate my house à la DIY. I may start painting. Sky is the limit, really. Next stop, King of the Universe. Except I won’t go on a 12 month humanitarian mission in Africa. So I guess Africa is the limit, really.

I’m already the Mayor. How hard would it be to become the King?

I’m e-surrounded by people that are a constant source of inspiration. People like Dave2, MartyMankins and IronFist who just launched Thrice Fiction. People like Avitable, who as just started a stand-up comic career – yes, I’m calling it a career, you heard it here first! people Like Faiqa and Shiny who are breathing new life in the radio show / podcast scene.

EDIT: I knew I was going to forget something. I want to mention Megan with her amazing pictures.

My family and IRL friends are not bad either. 😉

Where is this thing going? I’m not sure. But it’s going. I think if I can blog about Becky’s Butt, I can do anything. And if nothing else, I vow to make it entertaining and use a lot more italics.

In not-at-all related news, today is not just my Blogiversary, it’s also April Fool’s day. I have a knack for making special days fall on special days (it does make sense, trust me!), For example, my mom’s birthday falls on St-Patrick’s Day. Every year. I was conceived on Halloween – do the math, really – and I got married on Saint Catherine day.


Today being April Fool’s day, my CutieDaughter made her usual prank, sticking a piece of paper somewhere in my backpack.

The scroll…
Once opened:

How cute is that?

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone. Happy Blogiversary to me. 😉