Month: March 2012

To the DeLorean!

Definitely a weird day at work. 

Browser’s ABCs

After Avitable, Kapgar and Ren… Here are my browser’s ABCs.

A – – Main admin site for my job.

B – – resources for my job.

C – – News.

D – – A torrent website

E – – Sheila’s website!

F – – Duh.

G – – That’s email.

H – – more resources for my job

I – – lunchtime fun

J – – a link to this picture I used in a photoshop thing. 😉

K – – I just bought a new car.

L – – Yay me!

M – – Looks like I’m afraid to get lost.

N – – more lunchtime fun.

O – – our DEV environment.

P – – my old pictures site (I’m moving everything to Flickr… Slowly).

Q – A Google search result with a lot of “q” in the url. Yes, it’s job-related.

R – – Nice way to have different music playing while working.

S – – the bus website.

T – – Keep on Chiving!

U – – Where I work.

V – – Our PROD environment.

W – – I Facebook a lot.

X – – Currency exchange.

Y – – It’s YouTube.

Z – – link to my Zazzle store.

I swear the cleaning crew hates me

The lamp was placed behind the door, so when I opened the door I busted the shade.

A Dr. Pepper cap was left on my desk.

It looks like my headset attempted suicide.

Sigh. All right, I’ll focus on the positive instead.

Only 10 hours before I pick up the new car. W00t!