Month: September 2007

Dark Day

Imported from the old…

The Canadian Cancer Society announced Wednesday it is no longer recommending routine breast self-examinations as a way to detect cancer.

The Internet slowed down to a crawl today, as millions of Canadians were Googling madly for a new excuse for watching boobs on the Internet, or for a way to move out of Canada.


Secret secret, she’s got a secret…

Imported from the old…

So Poppy over at Poppy Cedes has a secret. She said no guessing at her blog, but she can’t prevent me from guessing here.

I’m guessing Poppy’s secret is either:

  1. She’s undergoing an intense detox program to stop poking people on Facebook. Please quit rehab right now.
  2. She’s getting a new pair of glasses or she’s getting laser eye surgery, and she thinks it means she’s going to shoot laser out of her eyes.
  3. She’s actually going to be the next Wonder Woman.
  4. She’s soon to celebrate 10 years with the same dishwasher.
  5. She finally completed her 12 year project: The biggest lint ball made from belly button lint, and will appear on the Tonight Show next week. We will finally learn if all that lint was from her belly button, or if it’s a collective.
  6. She found Jimmy Hoffa.
  7. She went a little crazy on Chapters, and bought Heroes, Eureka, The Office season 1, 2 and 3 and Dexter. Oh wait that’s me.

Am I close? What do you think Poppy’s Secret is?