Sofa: King tired.

He said: “It pisses me off when you tell me that you will be back around a certain time and you get here three hours later.

She heard: “I don’t want you to go out with your friends.

He said: “You could’ve called to let me know you were coming back later.

She heard: “You need to tell me exactly what you did with those people because I don’t trust you.

Of course it went downhill from there.

She has every right to be mad that someone would prevent her from going out with her friends, and ask for a play-by-play of her activities.

But he’s not that someone. He says what he means, and he means what he says. He has a perfect track record at that.

So he’s still pissed.

And she still thinks he doesn’t want her to go out with her friends.


The Week-End in Review

Lots going on last week-end.


LovelyWife had some people over from her workplace. I told her we should invite them more often, that we we wouldn’t have to clean-up like crazy everytime they came over.

We had great food – we ate from 8pm until midnight, great wine – except that fortified wine “Le Confessionnal”  from la Halte des Pèlerins, and then we played Guitar Hero 5 until 3 in the morning. It was fun.


We rested. Really. We’re old. 😉

So, how was your week-end? How do you keep track of the wines you like – do you have a notebook, an on-line thing, something else? I’m thinking I should start to keep some sort of record of the stuff I like and dislike. Also, how often do you have to get people to visit your house before you stop cleaning like a madperson when they come over?

The reason I’m tired

You might have noticed a definite decline in words on this blog for the  past few days. The reason is pretty simple: We’re moving our offices to a new building, so I’ve been putting stuff in boxes, dismantling computers and all kinds of boring wonderful things like that.  

Since I’m an old man, I’m falling asleep almost as soon as my butt hits my not-so-comfy chair. Tahnkfully, someone’s chatting me up on GTalk on the bus ride home, otherwise I might fall alseep on the bus.

Anyhoo, here’s a few pictures of my now almost empty current workspace.

In other news

My BloggeyWifeMarriedToAnotherMike hes seen her shadow, so that signifies that her hiatus is over. Rejoice!