Faces of Mike (yet again)

My friend Sheila, from Charm-School-Reject.com was feeling a little blue Friday. So was I, so I decided to try to cheer her up and have some fun myself.









You can find all the set on my Picasa page, because my gallery plugin is not compatible with version 2.7. of WordPress. You’ll be able to see the famous typo we Twat about yesterday. đŸ˜‰


In other shameless self-promotion news

I got my very own Zazzle store, that you can find here. This is your chance to wear some LeSombre merchandise! Impress you friends, piss you coworkers off or simply proudly show that you know me (or that you wanted to shop online). It’s all the rage! You know you want to do it. đŸ˜‰

make custom gifts at Zazzle



I would like to give public thanks to K-Girl and Marc-Man for camping out and getting my family and myself a totally awesome WiiFit game.



Of course, now that I got one, I’m a little worried. The documentation says that it’s good for 150kg (330 pounds), and even though I’m under the 300 pounds threshold, I don’t know if I should feel comfortable using the balance board. What if it breaks? If I step on my scale, and lean left and right, the needle jumps up near the 330 pounds mark… Anyone out there around the 300 pound mark using the balance board?¸

Edit: I couldn’t wait and tried the board. It didn’t break, but the little voice did say “Only one person on the board at a time!” Just kidding. Of course, my kids didn’t quite have time to read my BMI analysis, so now they think I’m “obsessed”. It could be worst, right?