Worst Passport Pictures Ever.

I’m doing this in response to Kevin Spencer from Kev’s Useless Bollocks. A few days ago he published an entry called “Can Now Travel Again“, and posted a picture of his passport picture. I commented on his site that mine would make him feel much better about his, but then I figured if I have to show my ugly passport mugshot here, I might as well drag the rest of my family with me. Enjoy (or not!).


Notice how the space where I’m supposed to sign mine is blank? I’ve shown my passport to custom agents in Montréal, in the Dominican Republic, in Paris, in Dakar, in Ottawa. Only when I landed in Cayo Coco (Cuba) was I asked to sign it!

So there you go Kev, I hope now you feel good about your picture. 😉



  1. Ha. Well thank you sir. Yours aren’t that bad really. None of you look very amused by the proceedings though I must say 😉 They should let people smile in passport photos. I know I look like a grumpy bugger in mine.

  2. @Kevin: The no smile thing was really worrying my son. He was afraid he couldn’t go on vacation if he was happy.

    @Poppy: She doesn’t need a knife.

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