This trip has reached its half-life

So weve reached the halfway point.

I know youre all dying for pictures and incredible stories from Scotland. Dont worry I have both of them and you will be subjected to them very shortly and for a long long time. 🙂

Im taking advantage of the free wifi here at the Castle to quickly update you.

I bought myself two bottles of whisky at this point: the Ardbeg Festival edition, only 1,000 of them bottled and the Caol Ila Moch edition, only available to the friends of Malt and at the distillery.

The distilleries tours are awesome. How often can I say that I sat in Lagavulins warehouse, drinking whisky straight from the hogs head?

Were having a blast.




  1. Odd… I was JUST thinking that I hadn’t heard from you in a while, and here you are!

    Now I am JUST thinking that you need to send me a million dollars…

  2. I hope this message gets to you before you leave Barcaldine. We’re doing a deal with Barcaldine House Hotel (winner of the award for Scotland’s Best Rural Restaurant) you’ll get 10% off dinner at the hotel if you are like both our page on Facebook and theirs! The restaurant is just up the A828 road from Barcaldine Castle (heading north its on the right up a side road).

    Can’t recall what we had planned in your itinerary for this date so I may be too late. Sorry!

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